SAP ABAP Program RS_EPM_TEST_RUN_UNIT_TEST (Test Framework for EPM and Related Scenarios)
SAP_BASIS (Software Component) SAP Basis Component
   BC-SRV-NWD (Application Component) NetWeaver Demonstration
     S_EPM_TESTING_UTILITIES (Package) EPM BO and Scenario Testing
Basic Data
Program RS_EPM_TEST_RUN_UNIT_TEST Test Framework for EPM and Related Scenarios  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Status S System Program  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
# Screen Short Description
1 1000  SEL_SCREEN 1000 INFO:170000150000000000000000000026980381298 
Last changed by/on SAP  20100421 
SAP Release Created in 720