SAP ABAP Program RC1XCHANGEVATYPE (EHS: Convert Value Assignement Type "List" After "Composition")
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   EHS-SAF (Application Component) Product Safety
     CBUI (Package) Company Environment Information System
Basic Data
Program RC1XCHANGEVATYPE EHS: Convert Value Assignement Type "List" After "Composition"  
Program Type 1 Executable program  
Status T Test Program  
Application I Plant maintenance  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
# Screen Short Description
1 0100  Selection of Value Assignment Types That Are to Be Converted 
2 1010  SEL_SCREEN 1010 INFO:170000140000000000000000000021949291974 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 MAIN100  Status for Screen 100 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 100_SEL_ASSIGN_CAT  Selection of Value Assignment Types 
Last changed by/on SAP  20100310 
SAP Release Created in 700