SAP ABAP Function Module TX_PROCESSING (Function Module for longtext network)
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   PS-ST (Application Component) Structures
     PS_HLP_MD (Package) Handling Large Projects:-Master Data
Basic Data
Function Module TX_PROCESSING Function Module for longtext network  
Function Group FG_TEXTS_DATA   Texts Data  
Program Name SAPLFG_TEXTS_DATA    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Exporting ACTION TYPE TTXCT-FUNCTION Text change made
Exporting AFFLD_EXP TYPE AFFLD Order: Dialog table for order sequences (AFFL)
Exporting AFRUD_EXP TYPE AFRUD Dialog table for completion confirmations
Exporting AFVGD_EXP TYPE AFVGD Order: Dialog table for Table AFVG (order operation)
Exporting CAUFVD_EXP TYPE CAUFVD Dialog Structure for Order Headers and Items
Exporting MLSTD_EXP TYPE MLSTD Milestone I/O Table
Exporting RESBD_EXP TYPE RESBD Reservation/Dependent requirements
Exporting RESULT TYPE ITCER Editor return parameter structure
Importing AKTYP TYPE RC27S-AKTYP Activity category in SAP transaction
Importing AUTYP TYPE AUFK-AUTYP Order category
Importing FLG_EDIT TYPE 'X'
Importing KTSCH_OLD TYPE AFVGD-KTSCH SPACE Standard text key
Importing OBJECT TYPE RC27X-OBJECT Data objects of a task list
Importing RC27I_NEW TYPE RC27I Task lists: Indexes referring to current rec'd in rec'd tabs
Importing RC27I_OLD TYPE RC27I Task lists: Indexes referring to current rec'd in rec'd tabs
Importing CONTROL_IMP TYPE ITCED SPACE Editor options
Importing DONT_SEND_POPUP_IMP TYPE XCHAR SPACE Kennzeichen für Chargenführung (intern)
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  20100310 
SAP Release Created in 604