SAP ABAP Function Module TRIP_REASSIGN_FM_PACKAGE (Umsetzen der FM Daten im Reisemanagement)
EA-HRGXX (Software Component) Sub component EA-HRGXX of EA-HR
   FI-TV-COS (Application Component) Travel Expenses
     PTRAPS (Package) Spec. Application Dev. Travel Management Public Sector
Basic Data
Function Module TRIP_REASSIGN_FM_PACKAGE Umsetzen der FM Daten im Reisemanagement  
Function Group FITVPS_FM   Integration of Travel Management - FM  
Program Name SAPLFITVPS_FM    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Importing TEST TYPE XFLAG Testflag
Importing UNAME TYPE AENAM Name des Sachbearbeiters, der das Objekt geändert hat.
Importing DATES TYPE AEDAT Datum der letzten Änderung
Importing TIMES TYPE AEUHR Uhrzeit der letzten Änderung
Tables TAB_REASSIGN_FM TYPE PTP_REASSIGN_FM Struktur zur Umsetzung der FM Daten in der Reise
Tables RETURN TYPE BAPIRET2 Returnparameter
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  20091125 
SAP Release Created in 110