SAP ABAP Function Module TR_INSERT_NEW_COMM (Create new request/new task)
SAP_BASIS (Software Component) SAP Basis Component
   BC-CTS-ORG (Application Component) Transport Organizer
     SCTS_OBJ (Package) CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)
Basic Data
Function Module TR_INSERT_NEW_COMM Create new request/new task  
Function Group STRD   Request Processing  
Program Name SAPLSTRD    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Exporting WE_TRKORR TYPE E070-TRKORR Task number/request number
Exporting WE_E070 TYPE E070 Output string for E070
Exporting WE_E07T TYPE E07T Output string for E07T
Exporting WE_E070C TYPE E070C Output string for E070C
Exporting ES_E070M TYPE E070M Output string for E070M
Importing WI_KURZTEXT TYPE E07T-AS4TEXT Short text for task/request
Importing WI_TRFUNCTION TYPE E070-TRFUNCTION Request type ('K', 'T', 'C',...)
Importing WI_STRKORR TYPE E070-STRKORR SPACE Corresponding request (for tasks only)
Importing WI_CATEGORY TYPE E070-KORRDEV SPACE Request category ('CUST', 'SYST')
Importing IV_TARSYSTEM TYPE E070-TARSYSTEM SPACE Target system for request
Importing WI_CLIENT TYPE E070C-CLIENT SPACE Export client of request/task
Importing IV_TARDEVCL TYPE E070M-TARDEVCL SPACE Target package of the request (type O only)
Importing IV_DEVCLASS TYPE E070M-DEVCLASS SPACE Package (type E only)
Importing IV_TARLAYER TYPE E070M-TARLAYER SPACE Target transport layer of the request (type E only)
Importing WI_PROTECT TYPE TRPARI-S_LOCKFLAG SPACE Request is created with protection
Importing IV_SIMULATION TYPE TRPARI-W_SIMULAT SPACE X - in simulation mode (no update)
Exception CLIENT_RANGE_FULL TYPE Customer request number range full (sysK999999)
Exception E070L_INSERT_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception E070L_UPDATE_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception E070_INSERT_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception E07T_INSERT_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception E070C_INSERT_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception E070M_INSERT_ERROR TYPE Database error when inserting a new request/task
Exception NO_SYSTEMNAME TYPE System name cannot be determined or invalid length
Exception NO_SYSTEMTYPE TYPE System type cannot be determined
Exception SAP_RANGE_FULL TYPE SAP request number range full (sysK899999)
Exception UNALLOWED_TRFUNCTION TYPE Unknown request type/task type (-> iRDDKORRI)
Exception UNALLOWED_USER TYPE Invalid user name (contains '*')
Exception ORDER_NOT_FOUND TYPE Request/task does not exist
Exception INVALID_TARGETSYSTEM TYPE Invalid target system
Exception INVALID_TARGET_DEVCLASS TYPE Invalid target package
Exception INVALID_DEVCLASS TYPE Invalid package
Exception INVALID_TARGET_LAYER TYPE Invalid target transport layer
Exception INVALID_STATUS TYPE Request/task not in status 'DOCU'
Exception NOT_AN_ORDER TYPE Input parameter request is not a request
Exception ORDER_LOCK_FAILED TYPE Lock on request rejected
Exception NO_AUTHORIZATION TYPE No authorization to execute function
Exception WRONG_CLIENT TYPE Different clients (object request/task)
Exception FILE_ACCESS_ERROR TYPE Error when accessing file
Exception WRONG_CATEGORY TYPE Different category (object request/task)
Exception INTERNAL_ERROR TYPE Internal error
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  19950113 
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