SAP ABAP Function Module TR_EDIT_CHECK_OBJECTS_KEYS (Enter objects & keys in the request/tasks of the Workbench Organizer)
SAP_BASIS (Software Component) SAP Basis Component
   BC-CTS-ORG (Application Component) Transport Organizer
     SCTS_OBJ (Package) CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)
Basic Data
Function Module TR_EDIT_CHECK_OBJECTS_KEYS Enter objects & keys in the request/tasks of the Workbench Organizer  
Function Group STRD   Request Processing  
Program Name SAPLSTRD    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Exporting WE_ORDER TYPE E070-TRKORR Selected request (transport request)
Exporting WE_TASK TYPE E070-TRKORR Selected request (correction/repair)
Exporting WE_OBJECTS_APPENDABLE TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED dialog = ' ': objects were added
Exporting EV_ERRNUM TYPE TRPARI-TRERRNUMEC Further information: only internal
Exporting EV_OBJECT_UNLOCKED TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED X' - objects unlocked
Importing WI_ORDER TYPE E070-TRKORR ' ' 1st prio: Request proposal instead of request search
Importing WI_WITH_DIALOG TYPE TRPARE-W_DIALOG ' ' 'R'-check dialog/'X'-full dialog
Importing WI_OBJ_CATEGOGY_MIX TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED 'X' 'X' - object category mix is allowed
Importing WI_SEND_MESSAGE TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED 'X' 'X' - send popup if error occurs
Importing IV_NO_PS TYPE TRPARI-FLAG ' ' General Indicator
Importing IV_INSERT_INTO_SBCSETS TYPE TRBOOLEAN 'X' Falls notwendig, werden Customizing-Daten in BC-Sets ausgelagert
Importing IV_OLD_CALL TYPE TRBOOLEAN Alte Semantik
Importing IT_E071K_STR TYPE E071K_STRTYP Tabellenschlüssel mit Stringfeld
Tables WT_E071 TYPE KO200 Input/output table for objects to be edited
Tables WT_E071K TYPE E071K Input/output table for object keys to be edited
Tables WT_TADIR TYPE TADIR Output table for object catalog entries
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_APPEND_ERROR_KEYS TYPE Abend, DB error request update for E071K
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_APPEND_ERROR_OBJCT TYPE Abend, DB error request update for E071
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_APPEND_ERROR_ORDER TYPE Abend, DB error request update for E070
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_BUT_SE01 TYPE Abend, only edit system object from SE01
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_NO_HEADER_OBJECT TYPE Abend, key (E071K) without objects (E071)
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_NO_ORDER_SELECTED TYPE Abend, request selection terminated
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_REPAIRED_OBJECT TYPE Abend, repair window terminated
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_SYSTEM_ERROR TYPE Abend, system parameter error
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_TADIR_MISSING TYPE Abend, Tadir entry missing (transp. attr.)
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_TADIR_UPDATE_ERROR TYPE Abend, error in DB update of TADIR
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_UNKNOWN_DEVCLASS TYPE Abend, Tdevc entry missing (development class)
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_UNKNOWN_OBJECTTYPE TYPE Abend, unknown object type
Exception SHOW_ONLY_CLOSED_SYSTEM TYPE Only display, system status 'not editable'
Exception SHOW_ONLY_CONSOLIDATION_LEVEL TYPE Only display, consolidation layer
Exception SHOW_ONLY_DDIC_IN_CUSTOMER_SYS TYPE Only display, DDIC in customer system
Exception SHOW_ONLY_DELIVERY_SYSTEM TYPE Only display, delivery system
Exception SHOW_ONLY_DIFFERENT_ORDERTYPES TYPE Only display, mixture local/consolidation request
Exception SHOW_ONLY_DIFFERENT_TASKTYPES TYPE Only display, mixture repair/corr. objects
Exception SHOW_ONLY_ENQUEUE_FAILED TYPE Only display, request lock failed
Exception SHOW_ONLY_GENERATED_OBJECT TYPE Only display, generated object
Exception SHOW_ONLY_ILL_LOCK TYPE Only display, TLock locks request external to system
Exception SHOW_ONLY_LOCK_ENQUEUE_FAILED TYPE Only display, TADIR/TLOCK lock rejected
Exception SHOW_ONLY_MIXED_ORDERS TYPE Only display, obj. locked in different requests
Exception SHOW_ONLY_MIX_LOCAL_TRANSP_OBJ TYPE Only display, local and transp. objects mixed
Exception SHOW_ONLY_NO_SHARED_REPAIR TYPE Only display, repair objects cannot be shared
Exception SHOW_ONLY_OBJECT_LOCKED TYPE Only display, objects locked external request
Exception SHOW_ONLY_REPAIRED_OBJECT TYPE Only display, repair object (no dialog/display)
Exception SHOW_ONLY_SHOW_CLIENT TYPE Only display, no change in logon client
Exception SHOW_ONLY_TADIR_MISSING TYPE Only display, Tadir entry missing (trans. own sc)
Exception SHOW_ONLY_UNKNOWN_DEVCLASS TYPE Only display, unknown development class
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_NO_CHECK_CALL TYPE Abend, first check-call before insert-call
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_CATEGORY_MIXTURE TYPE Abend, objects of different categories
Exception SHOW_ONLY_CLOSED_CLIENT TYPE Only display in this client !!
Exception SHOW_ONLY_CLOSED_ALE_OBJECT TYPE Only display unchangeable ALE object
Exception SHOW_ONLY_UNALLOWED_SUPERUSER TYPE Only display, no changes with user SAP*
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_CUSTOM_OBJ_AT_SAP TYPE Abend, customer object at SAP
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_ACCESS_DENIED TYPE Abend, no license to change the object
Exception SHOW_ONLY_NO_REPAIR_SYSTEM TYPE Only display, system change option, no repair system
Exception SHOW_ONLY_NO_LICENSE TYPE Only display, no license to change
Exception SHOW_ONLY_CENTRAL_BASIS TYPE Only display, SAP Basis system dictionary object
Exception SHOW_ONLY_USER_AFTER_ERROR TYPE After popup: display requested by user
Exception CANCEL_EDIT_USER_AFTER_ERROR TYPE Abend requested by user, no display
Exception SHOW_ONLY_OBJECT_NOT_PATCHABLE TYPE Obj. cannot be edited in Hot Package system
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  19950113 
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