SAP ABAP Function Module TR_CHECK_TYPE (Determine whether key can be locked, generate TADIR and TLOCK)
SAP_BASIS (Software Component) SAP Basis Component
   BC-CTS-ORG (Application Component) Transport Organizer
     SCTS_OBJ (Package) CTS: Object Editing (Including Transport Objects)
Basic Data
Function Module TR_CHECK_TYPE Determine whether key can be locked, generate TADIR and TLOCK  
Function Group STRD   Request Processing  
Program Name SAPLSTRD    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Exporting PE_RESULT TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Check result ('type class')
Exporting WE_E071 TYPE E071 Output string E071
Exporting WE_LOCK_KEY TYPE TLOCK_INT Long-term lock key
Exporting WE_TADIR TYPE TADIR Object directory key created
Exporting WE_COMPLETE_ONLY TYPE TRPARI-W_COMPLETE X - only complete object can be transported -> R3TR
Exporting WE_CATEGORY TYPE E070-KORRDEV Request category ('CUST', 'CUSY', 'SYST')
Exporting WE_CLI_DEP TYPE TRPARI-W_CLI_DEP X - object client-dependent
Exporting WE_TABLE_TYP TYPE DD02L-TABCLASS Table type (inttab, pooled, cluster, transp. , view...)
Exporting WE_TABLE_CONTFLAG TYPE DD02L-CONTFLAG Table delivery class
Exporting PE_NAME_TOO_LONG TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Object name too long
Exporting EV_NO_OBJECT_NAME TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED X - no object name transferred
Exporting EV_R3TRTEXT_SYNTAXERROR TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED X - syntax error in an R3TR TEXT object
Exporting EV_LANGTYP TYPE TRPARI-LANGTYP Language dependency of object
Exporting EV_LANGTYPA TYPE TRPARI-LANGTYPA Type of language dependency of object
Exporting EV_LOGO_OBJ TYPE TRPARI-S_EXISTS X - object is a TLOGO object
Exporting EV_CURR_SETTING TYPE OBJH-CURSETTING X - object belongs to current settings
Exporting EV_NAME_TOO_LONG_FOR_OLD TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Object name is too long (according to rules prior to 4.0)
Exporting EV_NAME_WITH_NONSTANDARD_CHARS TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Object name contains invalid characters
Exporting EV_INVALID_PREFIX_SYNTAX TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Prefix of the object name is incorrect
Exporting EV_PREFIX_NOT_ALLOWED TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED Object name prefix not valid for object type
Exporting EV_OBJLEN TYPE TLOCK-LEN Maximum name length for object type
Exporting EV_INVALID_LANGUAGE_FIELD TYPE TRPARI-S_CHECKED 'X': Language field filled incorrectly
Importing WI_E071 TYPE E071 Input key
Importing IV_TRANSLATE_OBJNAME TYPE TRBOOLEAN SPACE ' ': Without, 'X': With conversion of the object name into upper case
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  19950113 
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