SAP ABAP Function Module BAPI_BUS1077_SAVREPMUL (EHS: Saving Replicated Specifications)
EA-APPL (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension PLM, SCM, Financials
   EHS-SAF (Application Component) Product Safety
     CBUI (Package) Company Environment Information System
Basic Data
Function Module BAPI_BUS1077_SAVREPMUL EHS: Saving Replicated Specifications  
Function Group 1077   EHS: Business Object Specification  
Program Name SAPL1077   EHS: Business Object Specification 
INCLUDE Name L1077U04    
Type Parameter Name Typing Associated Type Default value Optional Pass Value Short text
Importing KEY_DATE TYPE RCGADDINF-VALDAT SY-DATUM Validity Date for Specification Key
Importing SENDER TYPE ESTALE-LOGSYS Logical name of sending system
Importing COMPLETE_SUBSTANCE TYPE BAPISTDTYP-BOOLEAN Specification Data Is Transferred Completely
Importing DELETE_DATA TYPE BAPISTDTYP-BOOLEAN Delete Transferred Specification Data
Importing MULTLANGU_PARAMS TYPE EHSLSADM Language support parameters
Tables SUB_HEADER TYPE BAPI1077RH Specification Header Data
Tables SUB_HEADERX TYPE BAPISUBRHX Change Table for Specification Header Data
Tables REFSUBS TYPE BAPI1077RR Reference Specification Data
Tables REFSUBSX TYPE BAPISUBRRX Change Table for Reference Specification Data
Tables IDENT_HEADER TYPE BAPI1077RI Identifier Data
Tables IDENT_HEADERX TYPE BAPISUBRIX Change Table for Identifier Data
Tables IDENT_LONGTEXT TYPE BAPI1077IL Identifier long texts
Tables IDENT_LONGTEXTX TYPE BAPISUBILX Change Table for Long Texts
Tables IDENT_SUBLIST TYPE BAPI1077RL Regulatory List Assignments
Tables IDENT_SUBLISTX TYPE BAPISUBRLX Change Table for Regulatory List Assignment
Tables MATJOIN TYPE BAPI1077MJ Material assignments
Tables MATJOINX TYPE BAPISUBMJX Change Table for Material Data
Tables APPLSCP TYPE BAPI1077APPLSCP Area of validity
Tables APPLSCPX TYPE BAPISUBAPPLSCPX Change Table for Area of Validity
Tables TPLREL TYPE BAPI1077TPLREL Inheritance
Tables TPLRELX TYPE BAPISUBTPLRELX Change Table for Inheritance
Tables PROP_HEADER TYPE BAPI1077VH Value Assignment Types
Tables PROP_HEADERX TYPE BAPISUBVHX Change Table for Value Assignment Types
Tables PROP_VAL TYPE BAPI1077VA Value assignment instances
Tables PROP_VALX TYPE BAPISUBVAX Change Table for Value Assignment Instances
Tables PROP_DATA TYPE BAPI1077PR Value Assignment Data
Tables PROP_DATAX TYPE BAPISUBPRX Change Table for Value Assignment Data
Tables PROP_COMPONENT TYPE BAPI1077VP Component Assignments
Tables PROP_COMPONENTX TYPE BAPISUBVPX Change Table for Component Data
Tables PROP_USAGE TYPE BAPI1077DU Usage data
Tables PROP_USAGEX TYPE BAPISUBDUX Change Table for Usage Information
Tables PROP_RELIABILITYX TYPE BAPISUBDRX Change Table for Assessment Data
Tables PROP_SOURCE TYPE BAPI1077DS Source Details
Tables PROP_SOURCEX TYPE BAPISUBDSX Change Table for Source Details
Tables PROP_FTEXT TYPE BAPI1077DF User-defined texts
Tables PROP_FTEXTX TYPE BAPISUBDFX Change Table for User-Defined Texts
Tables PROP_FTEXT_LONGTEXT TYPE BAPI1077FL Long Texts for User-Defined Texts
Tables PROP_TAB07 TYPE BAPI107707 Transport Approval Data
Tables PROP_TAB07X TYPE BAPISUB07X Change Table for Transport Approval
Tables PROP_TAB0B TYPE BAPI10770B Packaging Code Approval Data
Tables PROP_TAB0BX TYPE BAPISUB0BX Change Table for Packaging Code Approval
Tables PROP_TAB0D TYPE BAPI10770D Risk Classification Data
Tables PROP_TAB0DX TYPE BAPISUB0DX Change Table for Risk Classification
Tables PROP_TAB0F TYPE BAPI10770F Transport Classification Data
Tables PROP_TAB0FX TYPE BAPISUB0FX Change Table for Transport Classification
Tables PROP_PACK TYPE BAPI1077PACK EHS: BAPI Structure Packaging Data
Tables PROP_PACKX TYPE BAPI1077PACKX EHS: Change BAPI Structure Packaging Data
Tables PROP_SPROV TYPE BAPI1077SPROV EHS: BAPI Structure Special Packing Provisions
Tables PROP_SPROVX TYPE BAPI1077SPROVX EHS: Change BAPI Structure Special Packing Provisions
Tables PROP_CARR TYPE BAPI1077CARR EHS: BAPI Structure for Provisions for Carriage
Tables PROP_CARRX TYPE BAPI1077CARRX EHS: Change BAPI Structure for Provisions for Carriage
Tables REF_SUB_HEADER TYPE BAPISUBRHA Headers of Referenced Specifications
Tables REF_IDENT_HEADER TYPE BAPISUBRIA Identifiers of Referenced Specifications
Tables REF_INH_TEMPLATE TYPE BAPI1077GR Inheritance Templates for Conversion
Tables EXTENSION1 TYPE BAPISUBEX1 Enhancement Table 1
Tables EXTENSION2 TYPE BAPISUBEX2 Enhancement Table 2
Tables ADDRESS_TAB TYPE ADDR_ALE Address Table for Conversion
Tables RECORD_SPLITT TYPE BAPIRECSPL Record split information
Tables ALEPOINTER TYPE ESTALE ALE Pointer for Nonoriginal Records
Tables RETURN TYPE BAPIRET2 Confirmations
Processing Type
Normal Function Module  
Remote-Enabled Module BaseXML supported
Update Module Start immediately
Immediate Start, No Restart
Start Delayed
JAVA Module Callable from ABAP  
Remote-Enabled JAVA Module  
Module Callable from JAVA  
Last changed by/on SAP  20011002 
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