SAP ABAP Data Element C4EYE_KK (Check Reason for Workflows Acc. to Dual Control Principle)
FI-CA (Software Component) FI-CA
   FI-CA (Application Component) Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
     FKKB (Package) Contract A/R & A/P: Central Objects
Basic Data
Data Element C4EYE_KK
Short Description Check Reason for Workflows Acc. to Dual Control Principle  
Data Type
Category of Dictionary Type D   Domain
Type of Object Referenced     No Information
Domain / Name of Reference Type C4EYE_KK    
Data Type CHAR   Character String 
Length 2    
Decimal Places 0    
Output Length 2    
Value Table TFK4EYE    
Further Characteristics
Search Help: Name    
Search Help: Parameters    
Parameter ID   
Default Component name    
Change document    
No Input History    
Basic direction is set to LTR    
No BIDI Filtering    
Field Label
  Length  Field Label  
Short 10 Chk Reason 
Medium 15 Check Reason 
Long 20 Check Reason 
Heading CR 


Reason for checking a posting/reversal/change


You can subject the following activities to a check with subsequent release as part of a workflow in accordance with the multiple control principle:

  • Posting a document
  • Reversing a document
  • Changeing a document
  • Creating an installmant plan
  • Creating a repayment request
  • Creating a request
  • Write-off
  • Creating/changing a payment specification

The check reason is entered in the document to be posted or reversed (for example, repayment request, payment specification). In Customizing, for each check reason, you can define how the document is be handled until the check has been completed (see Implementation Guide for Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable Basic Functions -> Postings and Documents -> Workflows for Postings and Approvals).

You can exclude the document from payments, dunning notices, interest on arrears, and clearing until the check has been completed.


If you start a workflow for confirmation of a posting, a change, or reversal, the check reason is set automatically. Installation-specific function modules processed at events 5500, 5502, 5504, 5506, or 5508 decide which check reason is selected (see FKK_SAMPLE_5500 and FKK_SAMPLE_5502, FKK_SAMPLE_5504, FKK_SAMPLE_5506, FKK_SAMPLE_5508 ) FKK_SAMPLE_5510, FKK_SAMPLE_5510, FKK_SAMPLE_5514)


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