SAP ABAP Domain JV_OCC (JV Billing level occurrences)
EA-FIN (Software Component) EA-FIN
   CA-JVA (Application Component) Joint Venture und Production Sharing Accounting
     GJV2 (Package) Joint Venture Development
Basic Data
Domain Name JV_OCC
Short Description JV Billing level occurrences  
Data Type CHAR Character String
No. Characters  
Decimal Places    
Output Length  
Conversion Routine   
Lower Case  
Value Range
# Lower Limit Upper Limit Short Description
1 01     called for each new driver
2 02     called for each new document header
3 03     called at the end of each document line
4 04     called at the end of each document header
5 05     called at the end of each driver
6 06     called for each new material
7 07     called at the end of each material
8 08     called on driver level (EDI)
9 09     called on line item level (EDI)
10 10     called on material level (EDI)
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