SAP ABAP Package SOAP_SEQ_MANAGER (SOAP Sequence Manager)
Basic Data
Short Description   SOAP Sequence Manager    
Super package SESP   Enterprise Services Protocol 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20050829  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SRT_SEQ_CPENSATE obsolete ????compensate relationship persist id -> message  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_CPS_PSRV compensate preserve info  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_CX_INFO soap sequence exceptons as xstring  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_DEL_QUE bgrfc queues that can be deleted because of seq termination  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_ERR_INFO soap sequence status information  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_HDR_STAT soap_sequence header and state info  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_HEADER soap_sequence header information  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_MSG_DEL Buffer previous message id  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_MSG_QUE Buffer message id#s that are queued but not processed  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_MSG_USR Message specific user data  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_QUEUE Soap sequence: assigned queue  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_QUE_HIST Soap sequence : History of former queues  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_QUE_LOCK SRT_Queue lock data  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_REORG queue for sequences that can be reorg after termination  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_RETRY soap_sequence header information  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_RTRYCONT soap_sequence header information  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_STATE soap sequence status information  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_TST_DT Sequence Manager test data  TRANSP   L  
SRT_SEQ_WSRM Soap Sequence: assigned WSRM sequence  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_WSRM_REL Relationship WSRM sequence to soap sequence for fast access  TRANSP   A  
SRT_SEQ_WS_HIST Soap sequence: History of former wsrm sequences  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SRT_SEQ_MONITOR Sequence monitoring  SRT_SEQ_MONITOR  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   710   
Application Component BC-ESI-WS-ABA-RT (B200004279) WebServices ABAP Runtime 
Package SOAP_SEQ_MANAGER  SOAP Sequence Manager