SAP ABAP Package SMOH (Replication&Realignment Service)
Basic Data
Package SMOH   
Short Description   Replication&Realignment Service    
Super package CRM_MIDDLEWARE   CRM Middleware 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SMOCINDX CRM: INDX table for Admin Konsole  TRANSP   L  
SMOHACEX01 R&R Queues: AC Extract Extension: Filter Conditions  TRANSP   L  
SMOHCKEYEX R&R: Used Sequence numbers for Extract queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHCKEYRD R&R: Used Content Keys for Dependency Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHCLFUNC enabled functions per client role  TRANSP   S  
SMOHCRITS Criterias Fields of Publication  TRANSP   G  
SMOHEVENT Event table for event activation  TRANSP   S  
SMOHEVENTV values of the event activation  TRANSP   S  
SMOHFBDESC Function Module Description for SFA - Job Activation  TRANSP   L  
SMOHFBJOB Function Module FB Job List for SFA - Job Activation  TRANSP   L  
SMOHFBVALU Function Module Value for SFA - Job Activation  TRANSP   L  
SMOHGLOBCFG Middleware Parameter  TRANSP   G  
SMOHGROUP Organization/User Group  TRANSP   A  
SMOHGRPLK Organization Assignment Table for Sites  TRANSP   A  
SMOHGUID For RFC system key transport  TRANSP   L  
SMOHILTP Definition of Distribution Relevant Interlinkages  TRANSP   G  
SMOHJOBQ Replication Site Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHLUBULK Lookup Table for Bulk Replication  TRANSP   A  
SMOHMITLNK Assignment Employee - Hardware Site ID  TRANSP   A  
SMOHMSGQ Replication Message Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQAC R&R: AC-Extract Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQEB R&R: Extract Bulk Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQEX R&R: Extract Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQPR R&R Queues Monitoring Table  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQRD R&R: Realignment queue for dependency calculation  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQRE R&R: Realignment Queue for Minor Realignment  TRANSP   L  
SMOHMSGQST Status of R&R Queues, used also for locking (queue reader)  TRANSP   E  
SMOHMSGQSU R&R: Subcheck queue for realignment  TRANSP   L  
SMOHNOCSTA ControlTable No CurrState Message form Realignment to Sender  TRANSP   E  
SMOHNRTOS Not Return To Sender Control Table  TRANSP   G  
SMOHPARIND Current Industry  TRANSP   C  
SMOHPOTCRT Potential Criteria Fields of Replication Object  TRANSP   G  
SMOHPUBL Publication Header  TRANSP   G  
SMOHQTAB Inbound/Outbound Queues for Sites  TRANSP   A  
SMOHQUEUE Managing queues of mobile clients  TRANSP   A  
SMOHREPOBJ Replication Object  TRANSP   G  
SMOHRRADD Additional Replication Rules which needs to be checked  TRANSP   S  
SMOHRRCHK Check Table for Additional Replication Rules  TRANSP   L  
SMOHRRQCUST Customizing data of R&R Queues  TRANSP   E  
SMOHRRQRT Runtime data of R&R Queues  TRANSP   E  
SMOHRULES Rules: Link table Replication Object - Publication  TRANSP   G  
SMOHSITEQ Replication Site Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSITEQAC R&R: Site list for AC-Extract queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSITEQEB R&R: Instance/Site list for Extract Bulk Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSITEQEX R&R: Instance/Site list for Extract queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSITEQRD R&R: Instance/Site list for Dependency Calculation Queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSITEQSU R&R: Site list for Subcheck queue  TRANSP   L  
SMOHSUBSCR Subscription Header  TRANSP   A  
SMOHSUBSIT Site IDs of Subscription  TRANSP   A  
SMOHTMPDAT Cluster Table for Export To Database (Temporary data)  TRANSP   L  
SMOHTMPDAT_CLNT Cluster Table (always empty) for Export To Shared Buffer  TRANSP   L  
SMOHVALUES Criteria Values for Subscriptions  TRANSP   A  
SMOHVALUESTS Criteria Values for Subscriptions - Time Stamp of Last Updat  TRANSP   L  
SMOH_IND Industry Flags  TRANSP   E  
SMOH_INDK Key table for industry flags  TRANSP   E  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CRM2 Middleware  MENUCRM2  
CRMCUSTOM Monitoring Middleware System  MENUCRMCUSTOM  
CRMINIT First steps in middleware servers  MENUCRMINIT  
CRMMONITOR Monitoring Middleware System  MENUCRMMONITOR  
SMOHCK Check Consistency of R&R Repository  SMOH_RR_REPOSITORY_CHECK  
SMOHPARIND Replication Industries Overview  SMOH_PARIND_OVERVIEW  
SMOHQUEUE Replication & Realignment Queues  SMO_QUEUE2  
SMOHRRQCUST Changing to old/new R&R framework  SMOH_RRQ_CHANGE  
SMOHTC Template Check (for testing only)  SMOH_TEMPLATE_CHECK  
SMOHTS Template Search (for testing only)  SMOH_TEMPLATE_SEARCH  
Software Component BBPCRM  BBPCRM 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component CRM-MW-SRV (ABC0000002) Flow / Services 
Package SMOH  Replication&Realignment Service