SAP ABAP Package SC2_META_REP (C2 Server Meta-Data Repository)
Basic Data
Package SC2_META_REP   
Short Description   C2 Server Meta-Data Repository    
Super package C2_SERVER_FRAMEWORK   Generic Services for Configuration Framework 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20040715  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SC2_BCO_ASSOC_F C2 Server: Association Field Links (Inactive)  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_EXIT Configuration Object Exits  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_EXIT_DF C2 Server: Configuration Object Exits (Definition)  TRANSP   S  
SC2_BCO_EXIT_DFT C2 Server: Configuration Object Exit Texts  TRANSP   S  
SC2_BCO_HEADER C2 Server: Meta-Repository: Business Configuration Object  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_NODE C2 Server: Meta-Repository: Nodes  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_NODE_TAB C2 Server: Node Attributes when Saving Tables  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_PROPERTY Configuration Object Attributes  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BCO_PROP_DF C2 Server: Configuration Object Attributes (Definition)  TRANSP   S  
SC2_BCO_PROP_DFT C2 Server: Configuration Object Attribute Texts  TRANSP   S  
SC2_BO_ASSOC C2 Server: Associations in Active Configuration Object  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_ASSOC_F C2 Server: Field Links of Associations (Active)  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_EXIT Exits in Active Configuration Objects  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_FLD_MAP C2 Server: Short Field Names (from Last Activation)  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_HEADER C2 Server: Business Object at Last Activation  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_NODE C2 Server: Nodes at Last Activation  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_NODE_TAB C2 Server: Nodes at Last Activation  TRANSP   W  
SC2_BO_PROPERTY Attributes of Active Configuration Objects  TRANSP   W  
SC2_IPG_ACCESS C2: Implementation of Access Interface (Inactive)  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_METHOD C2: Generated Proxy Method (Inactive)  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_METHODT C2: Inactive Generation Method Texts  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_NODE C2: Inactive Node Generation Details  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_PARAM C2: Inactive Method Parameters  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_PARAMT C2: Inactive Description of Method Parameters  TRANSP   L  
SC2_IPG_QUERY C2: Inactive Generaed Proxy Method  TRANSP   L  
SC2_PG_METHOD C2 Server: Generated Proxy Method  TRANSP   W  
SC2_PG_METHODT C2 Server: Node Generation Details  TRANSP   W  
SC2_PG_PARAM C2 Server: Method Parameters  TRANSP   W  
SC2_PG_PARAMT C2 Server: Method Parameter Description  TRANSP   W  
SC2_PG_QUERY C2 Server: Generated Proxy Method Range Table for Query  TRANSP   W  
SC2_PG_QUERYC C2 Server: Generated Proxy Method Compiled Range Table  TRANSP   W  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   700   
Application Component BC-CFG-RT (B200003159) Business Configuration Tools: Runtime 
Package SC2_META_REP  C2 Server Meta-Data Repository