SAP ABAP Package S_ME_CORE (Mobile: Core Components)
Basic Data
Package S_ME_CORE   
Short Description   Mobile: Core Components    
Super package S_ME   Mobile Application Platform 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20041125  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
BWAFAPPVER Version Management of WAF Applications  TRANSP   A  
BWAFCCMS WAF: General Log from PDA  TRANSP   L  
BWAFCCMSCOMPO Components from Client for CCMS  TRANSP   L  
BWAFDEPL Mobile Engine  TRANSP   A  
BWAFDEVTYP WAF: Device Classes for Controlling Installation  TRANSP   S  
BWAFINSLOG WAF: Installation Log from PDA  TRANSP   L  
BWAFMAPP WAF: Mapping Method Name Function Module  TRANSP   W  
BWAFSYBODY WAF: Body of Synchronization Container  TRANSP   L  
BWAFSYHEAD WAF Header for Synchronization Container  TRANSP   L  
BWAFVER Mobile Engine Version Management  TRANSP   G  
INPUT_TAB ME - Synchronization Example (Storage of Input Data)  TRANSP   L  
MECONV_CONTROL Conversation Control  TRANSP   A  
MEITEMS ME: Online/Offline DemoItems  TRANSP   A  
MEMAPPDEST RFC Destination for Mobile Engine Mapping  TRANSP   C  
MEMGMT_AUTH Auth. Groups with Description for Device Configurations  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_AUTH_GRP Authorization Groups for Device Configuration  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_CFG_TEMPL Configuration Template for Device Management  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_CFG_TEXT Device Template for Configuration Texts  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_CFG_VALUE Configuration Data for Device Management  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_CONDITION Assignment Condition of a Device Configuration  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_COND_TYPE Types for Device Configuration  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_CONFIG Configuration of Device Templates  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_CUST_DSPL Device Configuration - Control Visibility of Tabs  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_DEPLOYMNT Deployment of the Device Configurations  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_DEV_IDTXT Customizing for Tech. Device ID and Mnemonic Name of Device  TRANSP   C  
MEMGMT_DEV_MAP Assignment of the Device Templates  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_DEV_MON Monitoring for Devices  TRANSP   A  
MEMGMT_DEV_TEMPL Device Template for the Device Configuration  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_DEV_TEXT Device Template for Device Configuration Texts  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_MAP_TYPES Map Types for the Device Configuration  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_MCD Configuration of the MCDs for Device Management  TRANSP   G  
MEMGMT_PARAMETER Parameters for the Configuration Service  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_PARA_COND Possible Parameter Values for a Parameter  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_PARA_PATT Parameter Patterns for the Parameters  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_PARA_PROP Device Configuration: Properties of a Parameter  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_PARA_TEXT Parameter Description for Device Management  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_PARA_VAL Parameter Value for Device Configuration  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_SERVICE Device Management - Agent Description  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_SERVICET Service Description for Device Management  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_SERVI_PRO Mapping Table Agent to Function  TRANSP   S  
MEMGMT_TYPE_VAL Types for Device Configuration  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD Mobile Solution Descriptor: Main Table  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_APPLTYPE MI-MSD: Values for Applications  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_CUST Mobile Solution Descriptor: Customizing Table  TRANSP   G  
MEMSD_CUSTATT Mobile Solution Descriptor: Customizing Attributes  TRANSP   G  
MEMSD_DEP Mobile Solution Descriptor: Dependencies  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_DEPTYPE Mobile Solution Descriptor: Dependency Types  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_PROP Mobile Solution Descriptor: MSD Properties  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_PROPTYPE Mobile Solution Descriptor: Property Types  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_RUNTIMTYPE MI:Runtime Environments  TRANSP   S  
MEMSD_SOURCE MSD for Description of Installation Files  TRANSP   G  
MEMSD_TEXT Mobile Solution Descriptor: Language Dependent Text Table  TRANSP   S  
MEORDERS Mobile Engine: Online Offline Demo  TRANSP   A  
MEPLATFORM_DEV Contains the Values of the Device with Native Components  TRANSP   A  
MEPLATFORM_TEXT Long Text Assignment  TRANSP   S  
MESEC_STORAGE Link beween device and symmetric key  TRANSP   A  
MESYBODY WAF: Body of Synchronization Container  TRANSP   L  
MESYGENBODY Mobile Engine: Generic Sync Bodies  TRANSP   L  
MESYHEAD Mobile Engine: Header for Synchronization Container  TRANSP   L  
MIBACKEND_CHECK Backend Scenario for Authorization (Industry-Specific)  TRANSP   G  
MICOND_TYPE MI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types  TRANSP   A  
MICOND_VALUE MI-MSD: Valid Values for Dependency Types  TRANSP   A  
MIDEVICEPROFILE Stores The Attributes Per Device ID  TRANSP   A  
MSDAPPLT MI-MSD: Values for Applications  TRANSP   A  
MSDRUNTIMET MI:Runtime Environments  TRANSP   G  
UQFIELDVALUE Field Values of differend forms  TRANSP   L  
UQFORM Contain all availalbe forms for Ultimate Questionnaire  TRANSP   A  
UQFORMTEXT Text for Forms  TRANSP   A  
UQUSERFORM Allocation table user forms  TRANSP   L  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
MCD MI:Process Mobile Component  MEREPMI_MSD  
ME_WIZARD ME: Registration and Generation  WAF_WIZARD  
MGMT_ADMIN Device Configuration     
MGMT_AUTHORITY Edit Authorizations     
MGMT_CUSTOMIZING Screen Control for Device Config.     
MGMT_DEV_IDTXT Assign Text to Device ID     
MGMT_PARA Assign Configuration Parameters     
MGMT_PARA_COND Parameter Conditions     
MGMT_PARA_PATT Set Device Configuration Parameters     
MGMT_PARA_PROP Get Parameter Properties     
MGMT_SERVICE Assign Agents to Monitoring Function     
MGMT_TYPES Device Configuration - Types     
MI_MCD MI:Process Mobile Component  MIREP_MCD  
MI_MSD MI:Process Mobile Component  MEREPMI_MSD  
SMOMO Mobile Engine  WAF_MOMO  
Software Component SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
SAP Release Created in   700   
Application Component BC-MOB (ABA0000121) SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents 
Package S_ME_CORE  Mobile: Core Components