SAP ABAP Package RE_CP_SF (RE: Mass Print (Correspondence with PDF-Based Forms))
Basic Data
Package RE_CP_SF   
Short Description   RE: Mass Print (Correspondence with PDF-Based Forms)    
Super package RE_CP   RE: Correspondence 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20010531  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
TIVCPBS Basic Settings  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPBSLA Basic Settings: Supported Language  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCA Correspondence Application  TRANSP   E  
TIVCPCABS Correspondence Application: Basic Settings  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCACT CorrApplication: DiffC/CorrActivity  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCAT Corr.Application (Text)  TRANSP   E  
TIVCPCATM Corr.Application: Text Modules  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCT Corresp. activ.  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCTFM Corr.Activity: Partner/Form  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPCTT Corr. Activity (Text)  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPDC Differentiating Characteristic  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPDCT Differentiating Characteristic (Text)  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPFMT Form (Text)  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPOT Supported Object Type  TRANSP   E  
TIVCPSO Sort version  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPSOT Sort Variant (Text)  TRANSP   C  
TIVCPTM Company-Code-Dependent Text Modules  TRANSP   C  
VICPDOC Output Document  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
RECPA100 General Corresp.(Arch.Obj.)  RFRECPSFA100  
RECPA110 Master Data Summary(Arch.Obj.)  RFRECPSFA110  
RECPA120 General Correspondence (BE)  RFRECPSFA120  
RECPA130 Master Data Summary (BE)  RFRECPSFA130  
RECPA140 General Letter (Land)  RFRECPSFA140  
RECPA150 Master Data Summary (Land)  RFRECPSFA150  
RECPA160 General Correspondence (Buildings)  RFRECPSFA160  
RECPA170 Master Data Summary (Buildings)  RFRECPSFA170  
RECPA180 General Correspondence (RO)  RFRECPSFA180  
RECPA190 Master Data Summary (Rental Object)  RFRECPSFA190  
RECPA200 General Letter (Parcel)  RFRECPSFA200  
RECPA210 Master Data Summary (Parcel)  RFRECPSFA210  
RECPA220 General Letter (Parcel Update)  RFRECPSFA220  
RECPA230 Master Data Summary (Parcel Update)  RFRECPSFA230  
RECPA240 General Letter (Land Register)  RFRECPSFA240  
RECPA250 Master Data Summary (Land Register)  RFRECPSFA250  
RECPA260 General Letter (Public Register)  RFRECPSFA260  
RECPA270 Master Data Summ. (Public Register)  RFRECPSFA270  
RECPA280 General Letter (Notice of Assessmt)  RFRECPSFA280  
RECPA290 Master Data Summ.(Notice of Assessmt  RFRECPSFA290  
RECPA330 General Letter (RE Search Request)  RFRECPSFA330  
RECPA340 Master Data Summary (RE Search Req.)  RFRECPSFA340  
RECPA350 RE Search Request  RFRECPSFA350  
RECPA360 General Letter (Contract Offer)  RFRECPSFA360  
RECPA370 Master Data Summary (Contract Offer)  RFRECPSFA370  
RECPA380 Contract Offer  RFRECPSFA380  
RECPA390 Lease Abstract  RFRECPSFA390  
RECPA400 General Correspondence  RFRECPSFA400  
RECPA410 Master Data Summary  RFRECPSFA410  
RECPA420 Contract Form  RFRECPSFA420  
RECPA440 General Letter (Adjustment Measure)  RFRECPSFA440  
RECPA460 Master Data Summary (Adj. Measure)  RFRECPSFA460  
RECPA500 Contract Account Sheet  RFRECPSFA500  
RECPA520 Invoice for Rent  RFRECPSFA520  
RECPA550 Service Charge Settlement  RFRECPSFA550  
RECPA560 COA Settlement  RFRECPSFA560  
RECPA562 Annual Budget  RFRECPSFA562  
RECPA564 Tenant Settlement  RFRECPSFA564  
RECPA566 Statement of Reserve Fund  RFRECPSFA566  
RECPA570 Sales-Based Settlement  RFRECPSFA570  
RECPA580 Sales Report  RFRECPSFA580  
RECPA590 Reminder of Missing Sales Reports  RFRECPSFA590  
RECPA600 Adjustment  RFRECPSFA600  
RECPA610 Approve Adjustment  RFRECPSFA610  
RECPA620 Adjustment Approval Reminder  RFRECPSFA620  
RECPA630 Notify About Adjustment  RFRECPSFA630  
RECPA700 Notice/Confirmation of Notice  RFRECPSFA700  
RECPDOC Overview of Created Documents     
RECPZA Basic Settings     
RECPZE Correspondence activities     
RECPZF Correspondence Applications     
RECPZR Output Documents     
RECPZX Supported Object Types     
RECPZY Supported Corresp.Applications     
Software Component EA-FIN  EA-FIN 
SAP Release Created in   110   
Application Component RE-FX-CP (ALN0000038) Correspondence 
Package RE_CP_SF  RE: Mass Print (Correspondence with PDF-Based Forms)