SAP ABAP Package EE01 (IS-U Master Data)
Basic Data
Package EE01   
Short Description   IS-U Master Data    
Super package IS-U/CCS   Structure Package IS-U/CCS 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
EAKLASSE IS-U Billing Classes  TRANSP   C  
EAKLASSET IS-U Billing Classes (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
EANL Installation  TRANSP   A  
EANLH Install.Time Slice  TRANSP   A  
EBEVNTC Business Event Category  TRANSP   C  
EBEVNTCT Business Event Category (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
EBP_ADDR_SERVICE Search Index for Business Partner Service Addresses  TRANSP   A  
EFISEL Field Selection Control for Address Data  TRANSP   C  
EGPLT Device Location Details (Language Dependent)  TRANSP   A  
EGPLTX Device Location Details (Language Dependent)  TRANSP   A  
EHAUISU Connect. Obj.  TRANSP   A  
EKON Franchise Contract MasterData  TRANSP   A  
EKONG Franchise Contributions by Customer/Utility Co.  TRANSP   A  
EKONH Max. Prices/Quantities  TRANSP   A  
ELACC Loyalty Account Header  TRANSP   A  
ELACCTAB Loyalty Account Display Control (Customizing)  TRANSP   C  
ELACCZ Loyalty Account Line Item  TRANSP   A  
ELOYALPRG Loyalty Program  TRANSP   C  
ELOYALPRGT Loyalty Program (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
EPROP Owner Allocation  TRANSP   A  
EPROPC General Settings for Owner Allocation  TRANSP   C  
EPROPCA Additional Activity for Automatic Owner Move-In  TRANSP   C  
EPROPCAT Additional Activity for Automatic Owner Move-In  TRANSP   C  
EPROPH Allocation of Inst. to Ownership  TRANSP   A  
ERDMCANC Reason for Cancellation  TRANSP   C  
ERDMCANCT Cancellation Reason (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ERDMSTAT Redemption Status  TRANSP   E  
ERDMSTATT Redemption Status (Texts)  TRANSP   E  
EREDEMP Redemption Document for Loyalty Program  TRANSP   A  
EREWARD Reward Item  TRANSP   C  
EREWARDT Reward Item (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ERWRDCAT Reward Category  TRANSP   C  
ERWRDCATT Reward Category (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
ETINS Technical information for the premise  TRANSP   A  
EVBS Premise  TRANSP   A  
EVBST Premise: Language-Dependent Part  TRANSP   A  
EVERH IS-U Contract History  TRANSP   A  
EVST Alloc. of ARCR to Ref. Val.  TRANSP   A  
TE001 Alloc. of Co. Code - Division  TRANSP   C  
TE061 Installer Status  TRANSP   C  
TE061T Texts for Installer Status  TRANSP   C  
TE097 Account Determ. IDs  TRANSP   C  
TE097T Account Determ. IDs - Texts  TRANSP   C  
TE102 Premise Types  TRANSP   C  
TE102T Premise Types (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE130 IS-U: Struc. Ind. and Cat. of Functional Loc.  TRANSP   C  
TE133 Location  TRANSP   C  
TE133T Texts for Loc.  TRANSP   C  
TE13V Location of Premise  TRANSP   C  
TE13VT Location of Premise (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE183 Co. Types  TRANSP   C  
TE183T Text for Company Types  TRANSP   C  
TE185 Work Fields for Installer  TRANSP   C  
TE185T Texts: Work Fields for Installer  TRANSP   C  
TE189 Installer License Types  TRANSP   C  
TE189T Texts for Installer License Types  TRANSP   C  
TE241 Franchise Tax Groups  TRANSP   C  
TE241T Franchise Fee Groups (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE497 Operation Type for Lighting Unit  TRANSP   C  
TE643 Processing Status  TRANSP   C  
TE643T Processing Status Texts  TRANSP   C  
TE645 Contract Types for Franchise Contr.  TRANSP   C  
TE645T Contract Types for Franchise Contr. (Texts)  TRANSP   C  
TE677 Heat.Inst. Description  TRANSP   C  
TE679 Charging Control of Heat. Inst.  TRANSP   C  
TE681 Processing Status of Heat. Inst. Special Agreement  TRANSP   C  
TE687 Contract Cat. of Heat. Install.  TRANSP   C  
TE687T Texts: Contract Cat. of Heat. Installation  TRANSP   C  
TE759 Reason for Supply Guarantee  TRANSP   C  
TE759T Reason for Supply Guarantee  TRANSP   C  
TECHSTR Changes to Street Names  TRANSP   A  
TETECHINST Allocation of division and technical installation  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
EC55C Tabstrip- ISU - Move-Out  RAVC0ALA  
ECLP1 Create Loyalty Account  SAPLELACC  
ECLP2 Change Loyalty Account  SAPLELACC  
ECLP3 Display Loyalty Account  SAPLELACC  
ECRD1 Create Redemption  SAPLEREDEM  
ECRD2 Change Redemption  SAPLEREDEM  
ECRD3 Display Redemption  SAPLEREDEM  
ECRD4 Mass Printout of Redemption Vouchers  REAPRINRDMMASS  
EN03 No. Range Maint.: ISU_EHAU  SAPMSNUM  
EN04 Number Range Maint.: ISU_EVBS  SAPMSNUM  
EN06 No. Range Maint.: ISU_EANL  SAPMSNUM  
EN17 Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EVER  SAPMSNUM  
EN43 No. Range Maint.: ISU_EKON  SAPMSNUM  
ENRD Number Range Maintenance: ISU_ERDMP  SAPMSNUM  
ES20 Create Contract  SAPLES20  
ES20C Tab Strip for IS-U Contract  RAVC0ALA  
ES21 Chg. Contract  SAPLES20  
ES22 Display Contract  SAPLES20  
ES27 Multiple Contract Maint.  SAPLES27  
ES28 Multiple Contract Display  SAPLES27  
ES30 Create Installation  SAPLES30  
ES31 Change Installation  SAPLES30  
ES32 Display Installation  SAPLES30  
ES43 Create Franchise Contract  SAPLES43  
ES44 Change Franchise Contract  SAPLES43  
ES45 Display Franchise Contract  SAPLES43  
ES50 Number Range Maintenance: ISU_EPROP  SAPMSNUM  
ES51 Create Ownership  SAPLES50  
ES52 Change Ownership  SAPLES50  
ES53 Display Ownership  SAPLES50  
ES54 Reverse Property  SAPLES50  
ES55 Create Connect. Object  SAPLES55  
ES56 Change Connect. Object  SAPLES55  
ES57 Display Connect. Object  SAPLES55  
ES60 Create Premise  SAPLES60  
ES61 Change Premise  SAPLES60  
ES62 Display Premise  SAPLES60  
ES64 Change Connection Object  SAPLES64  
ES65 Create Device Loc.  SAPLES65  
ES66 Change Device Loc.  SAPLES65  
ES67 Display Device Loc.  SAPLES65  
S_KK4_82000022 List of Installations     
Software Component IS-UT  SAP Utilities/Telecommunication 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component IS-U-MD (I110004805) Master Data 
Package EE01  IS-U Master Data