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SAP ABAP Package STXD (SAPscript)

Basic Data

BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
      Development Package 
00000000  SAP 

Package Content

Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
BDSCHKF3 SDOK: File name of last checkout  TRANSP   S  
BDSCHKO3 BDS: Check out data for a physical information object  TRANSP   S  
BDSCONT3 SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export)  TRANSP   E  
BDSLOIO3 BDS: Instances of logical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSLOIOT3 BDS: Descriptions of logical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSLOPR3 BDS: Attribute values of logical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSLORE3 BDS: Outgoing relationships of logical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSLORI3 BDS: Incoming relationships of logical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHF3 BDS: Files of physical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHHR3 BDS: Outgoing hyperlinks from physical objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHIO3 BDS: Instances of physical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHNM3 BDS: Use of target anchors in physical objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHPR3 BDS: Attributes of physical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHRE3 BDS: Outgoing relationships of physical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSPHRI3 BDS: Incoming relationships of physical information objects  TRANSP   E  
BDSRE3 BDS: Relationship instances  TRANSP   E  
BDSREPR3 SDOK: Relationship attributes  TRANSP   E  
STXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format  TRANSP   W  
STXBITMAPS SAPscript Graphics Management  TRANSP   E  
STXH STXD SAPscript text file header  TRANSP   W  
STXITFD SAPscript Verification: ITF data table  TRANSP   L  
STXITFR SAPscript Verification: ITF reference table  TRANSP   L  
STXL STXD SAPscript text file lines  TRANSP   W  
STXOTFD SAPscript verification: OTF data table  TRANSP   L  
STXOTFR SAPscript verification: OTF reference table  TRANSP   L  
STXRDID SAPscript: Raw Data Interface - Data Table  TRANSP   L  
STXRDIR SAPscript: RDI - Reference Table for Test Mode  TRANSP   L  
TFO01 Entity table of font families in SAPscript  POOL   E  
TFO02 SAPscript system fonts  POOL   E  
TFO03 SAPscript printer fonts  POOL   E  
TFO04 AFM fontmetrics for SAPscript font maintenance  POOL   E  
TFO05 SAP bar codes  POOL   E  
TFO06 Printer Bar Codes  POOL   E  
TFO07 Table with default font family for language  TRANSP   S  
TFO08 Assignment of font family, language -> replacement family  TRANSP   E  
TFO09 Assignment of font family to language  TRANSP   E  
TFO10 Font replacement for special device type  TRANSP   E  
TFO11 PDF converter: Adobe type 1 font file  TRANSP   E  
TFO12 Adobe type 1 font file attributes for PDF converter  TRANSP   E  
TFO13 Graphic: font families->PDF fonts for PDF converter  TRANSP   E  
TFO14 PDF converter: Encoding vector for Adobe type 1 font  TRANSP   E  
TFO15 PDF converter: Adobe font data  TRANSP   E  
TFO16 Corresponding RTF form for a font family in SAPscript  TRANSP   E  
TFO17 Replacement for font familiy (table TFO16)  TRANSP   E  
TFO18 Configuration Table for OTF PDF Converter  TRANSP   C  
TFO_BUFFER Buffer of Font data  TRANSP   L  
TSKT4 Log of Translations for Language Transport  TRANSP   L  
TT3X40 Form Painter access for 3.X systems  TRANSP   L  
TTDCF Table for style sheet conversion  TRANSP   C  
TTDCW Conversion of abbreviations in MS Word terms  TRANSP   G  
TTDTG SAPscript: Standard Symbols for Word Processing  POOL   E  
TTXFP Selection list of print programs  TRANSP   S  
TTXFPT Assignment of print program to form (test)  TRANSP   L  
TTXFT SAPscript: Tables for Forms  TRANSP   E  
TTXGR SAPscript Graphics Management: Objects and IDs  TRANSP   E  
TTXGRT SAPscript Graphics Management: Texts for objects and IDs  TRANSP   E  
TTXID Valid text IDs  TRANSP   E  
TTXIE SAPscript: Function modules for INCLUDE exit  TRANSP   E  
TTXIN SAPscript: Who with whom?  TRANSP   E  
TTXIT Texts for Text IDs  TRANSP   E  
TTXOB Valid text objects  TRANSP   E  
TTXOT Short Texts for Text Objects  TRANSP   E  
TTXPI SAPscript program interface  TRANSP   L  
TTXPS SAPscript: Tables for Program Symbols  TRANSP   E  
TTXSY SAPscript system symbol  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SE71 SAPscript form  SAPMSSCF  
SE72 SAPscript Styles  SAPMSSCS  
SE73 SAPscript Font Maintenance  SAPMSSCO  
SE74 SAPscript format conversion  SAPMSSCU  
SE75 SAPscript Settings  SAPMSSCC  
SE75TTDTGC SAPscript: Change standard symbols     
SE75TTDTGD SAPscript: Display standard symbols     
SE76 SAPscript: Form Translation  SAPMSSCG  
SE77 SAPscript Styles Translation  SAPMSSCG  
SE78 Administration of Form Graphics  SAPMSSCH  
SO10 SAPscript: Standard Texts  SAPMSSCE  


SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
BC-SRV-SCR (HLB0009774) SAPscript 
STXD  SAPscript