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SAP ABAP Package SO (SAPoffice)

Basic Data

BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
      Development Package 
00000000  SAP 

Package Content

Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
SADRF Fax addresses with cover sheet  TRANSP   A  
SADRO SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses  TRANSP   A  
SADRU SAPoffice: Table for storing UNIX addresses  TRANSP   A  
SADRX5 X.500 Directory Entries  TRANSP   A  
SOADRBUF SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export)  TRANSP   L  
SOATT SAPoffice: Attachments for BOR objects  TRANSP   A  
SOC3 SAPoffice: DB for objects (import/export)  TRANSP   A  
SOCS SAPoffice: table for storage of an Office ID (SAPcomm)  TRANSP   A  
SOCVPC SAPoffice: Conversion Table for PC Documents  TRANSP   L  
SOCX SAPoffice: table for storing SAPcomm IDs  TRANSP   A  
SOCY SAPoffice: inverse table for SOCX (SAPcomm ID table)  TRANSP   A  
SODEST SAPoffice: Destinations  TRANSP   A  
SODM SAPoffice: distribution list contents  TRANSP   A  
SODSAT SAPoffice: User-friendly LDAP attribute names  TRANSP   E  
SODSATST LDAP Attributes for Office Transmission Methods  TRANSP   G  
SODSPROF Presettings for access to LDAP service  TRANSP   S  
SODSPROF2 LDAP Profile (New 4.6C)  TRANSP   S  
SOEMSREP SAPoffice: Control table for emergency sys. return transport  TRANSP   S  
SOEP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling  TRANSP   L  
SOER SAPoffice: receive externally  TRANSP   A  
SOES SAPoffice: External send operation  TRANSP   A  
SOFA SAPoffice: user-specific authorization for shared folders  TRANSP   A  
SOFD SAPoffice: Object Definition  TRANSP   A  
SOFFCHKF SOFF: File Name of Last Checkout  TRANSP   A  
SOFFCHKO SOFF: Checkout Data to a Physical Information Object  TRANSP   A  
SOFFCONT1 SOFF: Table for Document Contents (import/export)  TRANSP   A  
SOFFLOIO SOFF: Instances of Logical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFLOIOT SOFF: Descriptions of Logical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFLOPR SOFF: Attribute Values of Logical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFLORE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Logical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFLORI SOFF: Incoming Links for Logical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHF SOFF: Files of Physical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHHR SOFF: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHIO SOFF: Instances of Physical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHNM SOFF: Use of Target Anchor in Physical Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHPR SOFF: Attributes of Physical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHRE SOFF: Outgoing Links for Physical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFPHRI SOFF: Incoming Links for Physical Information Objects  TRANSP   A  
SOFFRE SOFF: Instances of Links  TRANSP   A  
SOFFREPR SOFF: Attributes of Links  TRANSP   A  
SOFIND SAPoffice: Search table via SOFD  TRANSP   A  
SOFM SAPoffice: Folder contents  TRANSP   A  
SOFR SAPoffice: Distribution List Table for Incoming Faxes  TRANSP   C  
SOGR SAPoffice: Recipient determination during inbound distrib.  TRANSP   A  
SOHS SAPoffice: DB for Home System (Shared Buffer)  TRANSP   A  
SOID SAPoffice: Inverse record for distribution list  TRANSP   A  
SOIMAP SAPoffice: Mapping Table IMAP UID - API2 ID  TRANSP   S  
SOMF SAPoffice: Address tables for fax screen  TRANSP   G  
SOMFT SAPoffice: SOMF language table  TRANSP   E  
SOMG Table for persistence of objects MESSAGE/RECIPIENT  TRANSP   A  
SOML SAPoffice: Multiple MLP: List of relevant systems  TRANSP   A  
SOOC SAPoffice: object counter (per object type and year)  TRANSP   A  
SOOD SAPoffice: Object definition  TRANSP   A  
SOOF SAPoffice: object folder  TRANSP   A  
SOOS SAPoffice: send process  TRANSP   A  
SOPCPATH Path + File Name for Deleting PC Work Files  TRANSP   A  
SOPR SAPoffice: System-wide profile  TRANSP   A  
SOQUOTA Quota: Number and Size of Documents in Private Folders  TRANSP   A  
SORD SAPoffice: Viewed Records for Shared Folders  TRANSP   A  
SOREORG Obsolete -SAPoffice: Reorg. tab. for interim storage of keys  TRANSP   A  
SORF SAPoffice: Replication Table  TRANSP   A  
SORP SAPoffice: Replication Table  TRANSP   A  
SORS SAPoffice: Resubmission of user  TRANSP   A  
SORTSUBF SAPoffice: User-specific sort of folders subscribed to  TRANSP   A  
SOSC SAPoffice: Connection table to SAPcomm and SAPconnect  TRANSP   A  
SOST SAPoffice: Status log table  TRANSP   A  
SOSTAT SAPoffice: Statistics  TRANSP   A  
SOSU SAPoffice: Substitute for a user  TRANSP   A  
SOSUBUT Workplace: Private Sort of Folders Subscribed to  TRANSP   A  
SOSXTEST SAPoffice/SAPconnect: Temporary folder for test results  TRANSP   L  
SOUB SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAPoffice user)  TRANSP   A  
SOUC SAPoffice: Inverse user (SAP user)  TRANSP   A  
SOUD SAPoffice: user definition  TRANSP   A  
SOUR SAPoffice: Set of Regulations for User Agent  TRANSP   S  
SOUXA SAPoffice: Address ID for System User without USR02  TRANSP   L  
SOXP SAPoffice: Table for data transfer during express handling  TRANSP   L  
TBCS_RECIP Control Table for Possible Dialog Recipient Types  TRANSP   G  
TSALQ SAPaccess: language-dependent description of requests  POOL   E  
TSARQ SAPaccess: all supported requests  POOL   E  
TSOCX SAPoffice: SOC3 split  TRANSP   A  
TSOEX SAPoffice: Trace Table  POOL   L  
TSOPA SAPoffice: SET/GET Parameter  TRANSP   W  
TSOPCFAV Favorites PC Documents  TRANSP   C  
TSOPE Exclusion of Specific File Extensions  TRANSP   E  
TSOPT SAPoffice: Parameter Texts  TRANSP   W  
TSOTD Valid Object Types  TRANSP   E  
TSOTT Object Type Texts  TRANSP   E  
TSOTX General texts for SAPoffice  TRANSP   S  
TSOUX SAPoffice: System User without USR02  TRANSP   E  
TSOVM SAPoffice: valid processing types  TRANSP   S  
TSOVT SAPoffice: Processing types, text table  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
F00 SAPoffice: Short Message  RSSOSO00  
S00 Short Message  RSSOSO00  
SO00 SAPoffice: Short Message  SAPMSSO0  
SO01 SAPoffice: Inbox  SAPMSSO0  
SO01X SAPoffice: Inbox  SAPMSSO0  
SO02 SAPoffice: Outbox  SAPMSSO0  
SO02X SAPoffice: Outbox  SAPMSSO0  
SO03 SAPoffice: Private Folders  SAPMSSO0  
SO03X SAPoffice: Private Folders  SAPMSSO0  
SO04 SAPoffice: Shared Folders  SAPMSSO0  
SO04X SAPoffice: Shared Folders  SAPMSSO0  
SO05 SAPoffice: Private Trash  SAPMSSO0  
SO05X SAPoffice: Private Trash  SAPMSSO0  
SO06 SAPoffice: Substitution on/off  SAPMSSO0  
SO07 SAPoffice: Resubmission  SAPMSSO0  
SO07X SAPoffice: Resubmission  SAPMSSO0  
SO12 SAPoffice: User Master  SAPMSSO0  
SO13 SAPoffice: Substitute  SAPMSSO0  
SO15 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists  SAPMSSO0  
SO16 SAPoffice: Profile  SAPMSSO0  
SO17 SAPoffice: Delete Shared Trash  RSSOTRCL  
SO18 SAPoffice: Shared Trash  SAPMSSO0  
SO19 SAPoffice: Default Documents  SAPMSSO0  
SO20 SAPoffice: Private Default Document  SAPMSSO0  
SO21 Maintain PC Work Directory  RSSOPCDR  
SO22 SAPoffice: Delete PC Temp. Files  RSSODLPC  
SO23 SAPoffice: Distribution Lists  SAPMSSO0  
SO24 SAPoffice: Maintenance of default PC     
SO28 Maintain SOGR  RSSO0028  
SO30 Business Workplace: Reorg.  RSBCSRE03  
SO31 Reorganization (daily)  RSSORE02  
SO36 Create Automatic Forwarding  RSSOADM0  
SO38 SAPoffice: Synchr. of Folder Auths.  RSSOFALU  
SO40 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set MAIL  RSSOCUFM  
SO41 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEFAX  RSSOCUFM  
SO42 SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_K  RSSOCUFM  
SO43 SAPoffice: Cust.Layout Set TELEFAX_M  RSSOCUFM  
SO44 SAPoffice: Cust. Layout Set TELEX  RSSOCUFM  
SO52 Deletes Address from User Master  RSSOUADD  
SO55 User consistency check  RSSOUSCO  
SOAD SAPoffice: External Addresses  SAPMSSO0  
SOBN01 Personal data  RSUSR002_ADDRESS  
SOCP SAPoffice: External Addresses  SAPMSSO0  
SODS SAPoffice: LDAP Browser  RSSODS  
SOEX Express Message  SAPLSO02  
SOFF SAPoffice: Area Menu  MENUSOFF  
SOPE Exclude Document Classes     
SOSB Send Request Overview (Users)  SAPLSBCS_OUT  
SOSG Send Request Overview (Groups)  SAPLSBCS_OUT  
SOST SAPconnect Send Requests  SAPLSBCS_OUT  
SOSV SAPconnect Send Requests  SAPLSBCS_OUT  
SOTD SAPoffice: Maintain Object Types     
SOTR Test transaction for API1 (received)  RSSOAPIR  
SOY1 SAPoffice: Mass Maint. Users  RSSOUSED  
SOY2 SAPoffice: Collect Statistics Data  RSSOSTAT  
SOY3 SAPoffice: Statistics Evaluation  RSSOSTVW  
SOY4 SAPoffice: Access Overview  RSSOLAZY  
SOY5 SAPoffice: Inbox Overview  RSSOINBO  
SOY6 SAPoffice: Document overview  RSSOPRIV  
SOY7 SAPoffice: Folder overview  RSSOFOLD  
SOY8 SAPoffice: Mass Archiving  RSSOAPUT  
SOY9 SAPoffice: Inbox Reorganization  RSSOMOVE  
SOYA SAPoffice: Change Folder Owner  RSSOCHOW  


SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
BC-SRV-COM (HLB0009023) Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony 
SO  SAPoffice