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SAP ABAP Package SECE (Enhancement concept)

Basic Data

  Enhancement concept    
BASIS   BASIS Structure Package 
      Development Package 
00000000  SAP 

Package Content

Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
CLMCUS Modification assistant settings  TRANSP   L  
CUATEXTS Modifications of GUI Interface: Menu Texts Changed by Cust.  TRANSP   W  
DOKID Table Field-Screen Index  TRANSP   W  
MODACT Modifications  TRANSP   W  
MODATTR Attributes of Extension Projects  TRANSP   W  
MODSAP SAP Enhancements  TRANSP   S  
MODSAPA Attributes SAP Extensions  TRANSP   S  
MODSAPT SAP Enhancements - Short Texts  TRANSP   S  
MODTEXT Enhancement Projects - Short Texts  TRANSP   W  
MODWRD Key words of changed DE  TRANSP   C  
SMODILOG Log of Customer Modifications to Dev. Env. Objects  TRANSP   W  
SMODILOGI Log for Inactive Customer Modifications to WB Objects  TRANSP   W  
SMODIPROJ Customer Modifications to WB Objects in Several Projects  TRANSP   S  
SMODISRC Customer Modification Log: Object Data (Active)  TRANSP   W  
SMODISRCI Customer Modification Log: Object Data (Inactive)  TRANSP   W  
SMODITRAN Cross-Transported Objects  TRANSP   S  
SRESETLOG Modifications and Notes Reset to Original  TRANSP   W  
SXCC_ACT IMG Activation of Business Add-In Implementations  TRANSP   W  
SXCC_FLT IMG Activation of Business Add-In Implementations  TRANSP   C  
SXC_ATTR Exit: Implementation side: Attributes  TRANSP   W  
SXC_ATTRT Exit: Implementation side: Text table  TRANSP   W  
SXC_CLASS Exit, implementation side: Class assignment (multiple)  TRANSP   W  
SXC_COCO BAdI Implementations: Control Composites  TRANSP   W  
SXC_EXIT Exit: Implementation side: Assignment: Exit - Implementation  TRANSP   W  
SXC_FCODE Exit: Implementation Page: Function Codes  TRANSP   W  
SXC_FCODET Exit: Implementation Page: Function Codes, Text Table  TRANSP   W  
SXC_IMPSWH Business Add-In Implementations: Type of Implementation  TRANSP   W  
SXC_SCRN Exit: Implementation side: Subscreens  TRANSP   W  
SXC_TABLE Exit: Implementation Page: Tables  TRANSP   W  
SXC_TABLET Exit: Definition Page: Tables; Text Tables  TRANSP   W  
SXS_ATTR Exit: Definition side: Attributes for an enhancement  TRANSP   W  
SXS_ATTRT Exit: Definition side: Attributes, Text table  TRANSP   W  
SXS_COCO BAdI Definitions: Control Composites, Language Independent  TRANSP   W  
SXS_FCODE Exit: Definition side: Component function codes  TRANSP   W  
SXS_FCODET Exit, definition side: component function codes, text table  TRANSP   W  
SXS_INTER Exit: Definition side: Interfaces  TRANSP   W  
SXS_MLCO Conflicts of Multiple Active Implementations of Single BAdIs  TRANSP   L  
SXS_SCRN Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens  TRANSP   W  
SXS_SCRNT Exit: Definition side: Component subscreens, Text table  TRANSP   W  
SXS_STAT Exit: Definition side: UUID assignment for statistics  TRANSP   W  
SXS_TABLE Exit: Definition side: Tables  TRANSP   W  
SXS_TABLET Exit: Definition side: Tables, Text table  TRANSP   W  
TDDIR Active field exits for data elements  TRANSP   C  
TDDIRS Field exits on particular screens  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CMOD Enhancements  SAPMSMOD  
SE18 Business Add-Ins: Definitions  BADI_START  
SE19 Business Add-Ins: Implementations  BADI_START  
SE94 Customer enhancement simulation  SAPMSCLS  
SE95_UTIL Modification Browser Utilities  SAPMSEMM_UTIL  
SMOD SAP Enhancement Management  SAPMSMOD  


SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
BC-DWB-CEX (HLB0009086) Customer Enhancements 
SECE  Enhancement concept