SAP ABAP IMG Activity BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC (BAdI: Characteristics Object)
SAP_APPL (Software Component) Logistics and Accounting
   PM-WOC (Application Component) Maintenance Processing
     MSAM_MOREP (Package) MSAM for Handheld - Data Replication
IMG Activity
ID BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC BAdI: Characteristics Object  
Transaction Code S_EB5_05000298   (empty) 
Created on 20090323    
Customizing Attributes BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC   Customer BAdI for Characteristics object 
Customizing Activity BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC   Customer BAdI for Characteristics object 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC    


This Business Add-In (BAdI) is used in the Maintenance Processing (PM-WOC) component.

For Service and asset management for Mobile, standard remote-enabled BAPI wrappers in the ERP backend are provided to communicate with the middleware and the mobile client. Within these BAPI wrappers, the standard Service and asset management for Mobile functionality is provided and additionally the Business Add-In calls are provided to facilitate enhancement or replacement.

The following BAPI wrappers are provided for the Service and asset management for Mobile data object for Characteristics:

  • MSAM10_CHARCST_GETLIST - Service and asset management for Mobile get the list of Characteristics
  • MSAM10_CHARCST_GETDETAIL - Service and asset management for Mobile get the details of Characteristics


Implementing Business Add-In BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARACTS not only allows you to enhance the standard Service and asset management for Mobile functionality for characteristics data object, but also to replace it with your own functionality if you choose to.

The BAdI uses the following methods. Call to these BAdI methods is in their respective BAPI wrappers.


All methods having the suffix PREPROCESS are called before SAP standard code and can be used for inbound mapping and/or to skip the standard EAM logic. The user can skip the SAP standard code provided inside the BAPI wrapper by filling the X value for field EV_SKIP_STANDARD. In this case customer can decide to have his own implementation through the outbound methods in each BAPI wrapper.

All methods having the suffix OUTBOUND are called after the SAP standard code and can be used for outbound mapping and/or to enhance standard EAM logic.

CHARACTS_BTE_PUSH : This BAdI method can be used to have any enhancements before calling the middleware.

This Business Add-In has been incorporated in the enhancement spot ES_MSAM.


Standard settings


Following are the steps invovled:

  1. Go to transaction SE19.
  2. Create an enhancement implementation for the enhancement spot ES_MSAM and subsequently create an implementing class for the Business Add-In BADI_EAM_MSAM_CLASSI.

Information about the implementation of BAdIs in the context of the Enhancement Concept is available in the SAP Library for SAP NetWeaver under BAdIs -> Implementation.

For more information about the procedure, see the SAP Library under Enhancement Framework -> Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) -> BAdIs Concept -> Screen Enhancements.

When the BAPI wrappers are executed, the code you created in the Business Add-In implementation is run through.


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Business Attributes
ASAP Roadmap ID 257   Create User Exits 
Mandatory / Optional 2   Optional activity 
Critical / Non-Critical 2   Non-critical 
Country-Dependency A   Valid for all countries 
Assigned Application Components
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SIMG BADI_EAM_MSAM_CHARAC 1 HLA0009595 Service Processing 
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Maintenance object type E   Business Add-In - Definition 
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