SAP ABAP IMG Activity BADI_CCM_FULLY_EQUI (BAdI: Activate MM Posting W/O Update of PM Structure on Install./Dismantlng)
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IMG Activity
ID BADI_CCM_FULLY_EQUI BAdI: Activate MM Posting W/O Update of PM Structure on Install./Dismantlng  
Transaction Code S_KA5_12001072   (empty) 
Created on 20010903    
Customizing Attributes BADI_CCM_FULLY_EQUI   BAdI: Activate MM Posting W/O Update of PM Structure on Install./Dismantlng 
Customizing Activity BADI_CCM_FULLY_EQUI   BAdI: Activate MM Posting W/O Update of PM Structure on Install./Dismantlng 
Document Class SIMG   Hypertext: Object Class - Class to which a document belongs.
Document Name BADI_CCM_FULLY_EQUI    

This BAdI contains two methods to control the behaviour of the IE4N function:


    This method must be used to activate the process 'material movement without PM update' for component installations and removals. If the user tries to install or remove a material (with or without serial number) for which no equipment exists, the system issues an error message and demands entry of an equipment number. Immediately prior to this check this BAdI is called and allows you to change the behavior of the system.

    If you want to trigger the material movement process (receipt or issue of material into/from stock and notification creation, no PM integration) for certain materials, you can implement this BAdI method and change the movement flag to 'X'.

  • CHECK_MAT_UPD_REAB (new in DIMP 471):

    This method can be used to enable a direct change of material numbers in planned reservations for component installations. This process is especially relevant if you use the A&D MPN functionality to define classes of interchangeable materials (according to the FFF class logic). Having implemented this process, it cannot be avoided that the original planned material number (documented in the reservation) sometimes deviates from the one that is later procured and issued from stock ( installed ).

    Since it is technically impossible in transaction IE4N to post an installation with reference to a reservation that has a different material number, the system would normally prevent the user from posting such an installation. An error message would appear on the screen.

    By means of a new IMG activity for IE4N (General Settings for Component Installation and Removal), it is now possible to control the severity of this message. For example, it is possible to set it to "Warning" which would just issue a warning message on the screen to inform the user about the situation but then would directly update the material number with the new one from the component to be installed.

    It is important to understand that once this function is activated (by setting the message severity to anything other than 'Error'), the system always updates the reservation in the database with the new material number without further user intervention. This happens as soon as a reservation is specified together with an equipment or material number that deviates from the original one in installation mode. Hence, independent of the installation process and even if the user decides later not to post the installation, the reservation is updated with the new material number.



If you want to use the material update function for reservations you need to allow this process in the IMG activity General Settings for Component Installation and Removal.

Standard settings

No default code for SWITCH_ERROR_HANDLE.

Default code for CHECK_MAT_UPD_REAB :

  • Checks if the Customizing settings allow a reservation update in transaction IE4N.
  • Checks if the part to be installed is in the same FFF class as the original reserved part.
  • Directly updates the material number in the reservation (immediate database update).

IMPORTANT : Using the default implementation, the system asks the user via popup if the material number of the reservation should be changed in the database or not. This is to ensure that reservations are not changed by accident just if the user happens to make a typing mistake.

If the aim is that the user should have no control over the reservation update and everything should happen in the background then you could simply write an implementation (copy default code) that does not send this popup to the screen.



If you do not want to use the default implementation, you must deactivate it. Alternatively, you can write your own customer-specific implementation and activate it instead of the SAP implementation.

Further notes

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