SAP ABAP Application Component IS-T (Industry Solution - Telecommunications)
Basic Data
Application Component I230008702  
Application Component ID IS-T  
Short Description   Industry Solution - Telecommunications  
First Release Date 19961111 
First Release   30E 
Contained Application Component
Application Component ID Short Description Application Component
IS-T-BF Basic Functions  I500000131 
IS-T-CA Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable  I500000033 
IS-T-CS Customer Service  I500000034 
IS-T-CS-CC Customer Contact  I500000141 
IS-T-CS-CI Customer Information  I500000140 
IS-T-CS-FO Front Office  I500000035 
IS-T-CS-PRO Front-Office Processes  I500000151 
IS-T-IN Invoicing  I500000137 
IS-T-IN-EX Incorporation of External Billing Documents  I500000139 
IS-T-IN-PC Bill Processing  I500000138 
IS-T-INV Fakturierung ins Vertragskontokorrent  ANI3000001 
IS-T-MD Master Data  I500000031 
IS-T-MD-BP Business Partner  I500000032 
IS-T-MD-CA Contract Account  I500000133 
IS-T-MD-CR Contracts  I500000136 
IS-T-MD-EQ Equipment and Technical Objects  I500000134 
IS-T-MD-PS Products and Services  I500000135 
IS-T-MD-RS Regional Structure  I500000132 
IS-T-NM Network Management  I500000037 
IS-T-NM-NEL Network Element Logistics  I500000038 
IS-T-OM Contract and Order Management  I500000142 
IS-T-OM-OP Order Processing  I500000144 
IS-T-OM-PC Product Catalog  I500000143 
IS-T-TM Service Assurance  I500000145 
IS-T-TO Tools  I500000039 
IS-T-TO-DT Data Collection  I500000150 
IS-T-TO-MI Migration/ Data Transfer  I500000149 
IS-T-TO-PW Print Workbench  I500000040 
IS-T-TS-CM Customer Trouble Ticket  I500000146 
IS-T-TS-CM-RE Capture Trouble Ticket from Customer  I500000036 
IS-T-TS-TE Trouble Resolution  I500000147 
IS-T-TS-TE-CI Connection Determination/ Information  I500000148 

Contained Package
Package Short Description
ET03 NO USE: IS-T: Application Components 
ET_MD_MOD Enhancements for Master Data/ CIC Telecom 
IS-T Structure Package IS-T 
IST00 IS-T : Domains and Repository Objects in General Use 
IST02 NO USE: IS-T : SD Orders/ SD Contracts 
IST03 NO USE: IS-T : Central Business Partner KK4 Development 
IST05 IS-T : IMG Exclusively 
IST20 IS-T : Interfaces 
IST21 NO USE: IS-T : Front Office 2 
IST31_CI_PROXY IS-T: Generierte XI-Proxy-Objekte 
IST62 NO USE: IS-T : Trouble Ticket Entry 
IST66 NO USE:Development Class for ASAP for SAP Telecommunications 
ISTAUDIT IS-T Measurement 
ISTEE NO USE: IS-T / IS-U :Objects used in both industry solutions 
IST_CONFIRM_CRM IS-T: Process Confirmation to CRM 
Software Component IS-UT  SAP Utilities/Telecommunication 
SAP Release Created in