Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RPLPLHFN1 (Include RPLPLHFN1)
SAP ABAP Program RPLPLHFN1 (Include RPLPLHFN1) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  ADDR1_VAL Address return structure
2 Table  P05_RELMNG Structure for External Relations Management
3 Table  PAY99_INTERNATIONAL Object for payroll result: International
4 Table  PAYNL_NATIONAL Country-Specific Part Payroll Result
5 Table  PAYNL_RESULT Structure for Payroll Result
6 Table  PC207 Payroll Results: Results Table
7 Table  PC261 Cluster Directory (For Export and Import of Payroll Results)
8 Table  PERNR Standard Selections for HR Master Data Reporting
9 Table  PMEN2 HR NL: Field List for Assignment to Repr. Legal Persons
10 Table  RLGRAP Program Fields/Screen Fields for SAPLGRAP
11 Table  T549Q Payroll Periods
12 Table  T596I Calculation Rules for Cumulation Wage Types
13 Table  T5N9P Representing Legal Persons (for External Agencies)