Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RPLPBSQ4_DATA_ALV (Include RPLPBSQ4_DATA_ALV)
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  FILENAME Table for Converting Internal File Names into External Names
2 Table  HIDA Structure for evaluating the hiring date
3 Table  HRP1028 Infotype 1028 DB Table
4 Table  PA0573 Master leave code for Public Sector Australia
5 Table  PCL4 HR Cluster 4
6 Table  PME01 Limited P0001 Structure for T549B
7 Table  PME33 Field String for Feature: Organization
8 Table  RPLPBSQ4_ALV1 Structure for RPLPBSQ4
9 Table  T001P Personnel Area/Subarea
10 Table  T500C Currency for Public Service Sector
11 Table  T500L Personnel Country Grouping
12 Table  T511K Payroll Parameters
13 Table  T522T Forms of Address
14 Table  T539J Base Wage Type Valuation
15 Table  T549A Payroll areas
16 Table  T549Q Payroll Periods
17 Table  T5QPBS2C Master leave code and their characteristic
18 Table  T5QPBS2J PS Specific Characteristic for absence type
19 Table  T5QPBS6B PSMPC Codes
20 Table  T5QPBS6C Assignment of APS classification structure
21 Table  T5QPBS6D Mapping SAP events to APSC movement codes