Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RPLDUCF1 (RPLDUCF1)
SAP ABAP Program RPLDUCF1 (RPLDUCF1) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  BOOLE Boolean variable
2 Table  DDSHF4CTRL Control Structure for F4 Process with Search Help Exit
3 Table  DFIES DD Interface: Table Fields for DDIF_FIELDINFO_GET
4 Table  DISVARIANT Layout (External Use)
5 Table  HRERROR Transfer table for HR error handling
6 Table  P06BRC_RECO RECOT, EVP, SV, WPBP and T5F4V data supplied by DAQ
7 Table  P06CR_BRC For contribution summaries printing
8 Table  P06CR_BRC_EXT Contribution summaries, external data
9 Table  P06CR_BRC_PERNR Contribution Summary Slips - Employee Detail
10 Table  P06CR_BRC_PLANTS Institutions for slips Contributions summary reports
11 Table  P06CR_BRC_WORK To print Contribution Summary Sheets
12 Table  P06DUC_HCA DUCS Assedic Headcount
13 Table  P06DUC_HCM_E DUCS Month Headcount -> Excel/DUCS
14 Table  P06DUC_HCU DUCS Urssaf Headcount
15 Table  P06DUC_T_HEADC DUCS: Headcount
16 Table  P06DUC_T_HSUPL DUCS: Overtime
17 Table  P06DUC_T_MONTH_HEADC DUCS: Month Headcount
18 Table  P06DUC_T_PERTY_HEADC DUCS: Perty Headcount
19 Table  PAY99_INTERNATIONAL Object for payroll result: International
20 Table  PAYFR_NATIONAL Payroll Result: France
21 Table  PAYFR_RESULT HR-PAY-FR: Structure for Payroll Result
22 Table  PC205 Payroll Results: Work Center/Basic Pay
23 Table  PC28O Payroll results; additional WPBP data
24 Table  PERNR Standard Selections for HR Master Data Reporting
25 Table  PMEF4 Structure for contributions modification characteristics
26 Table  PPE03 HR Editor: PE03 Screen Fields
27 Table  RLGRAP Program Fields/Screen Fields for SAPLGRAP
28 Table  RPTSTYPE HR TemSe
29 Table  RSDSSELOPT Structure of generic SELECT-OPTION for (dynamic selections)
30 Table  SCREEN Structure Description for the System Data Object SCREEN
31 Table  SHLP_DESCR Description of Search Help
32 Table  SSFSCREEN SAP Smart Forms: Screen fields
33 Table  SYMSG Structure of message variables
34 Table  T549A Payroll areas
35 Table  T549Q Payroll Periods
36 Table  T549R Period Parameters
37 Table  T549S Personnel Date Specifications Per Payroll Period
38 Table  T5F1A SI organizations (France)
39 Table  T5F1P Personnel Area/Subarea (FR)
40 Table  T5F4N Agency indicator check table
41 Table  T5F4O Social Protection Agency (OPS)
42 Table  T5F4OC Contributions by Social Protection Agency (OPS)
43 Table  T5F4QA Employee group check table
44 Table  T5F4W Contributions linked to personnel type