Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RJKREM01 (IS-M/SD: Print Prog.for Reminders in Renewal-Controlled Subscriptions)
SAP ABAP Program RJKREM01 (IS-M/SD: Print Prog.for Reminders in Renewal-Controlled Subscriptions) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  FKKCL Clearing Items for Document in Contract A/R + A/P
2 Table  FKKOP Business Partner Items in Contract Account Document
3 Table  ITCWE SAPscript: text elements of a form
4 Table  JDTBEZTYP IS-M: Mix Types (per Edition)
5 Table  JDTDRER IS-M/SD: Publications
6 Table  JDTPVA IS-M/SD: Editions
7 Table  JGTSADR IS-M: Extended Adress Management
8 Table  JKACCOUNT IS-M/SD: Liability Account for Subscription
9 Table  JKAK Sales Order Header Data
10 Table  JKAP Sales Order - Item Data
11 Table  JKAPCC Sales Order: Payment Card Data
12 Table  JKAPRENEW IS-M/SD: Index for Renewal of Subscriptions
13 Table  JKCOMM Sales Order: Commission for Introduction Record
14 Table  JKEP Sales Order: Schedule Line Data
15 Table  JKGIFT Sales Order: Promotional Gifts for Introduction Record
16 Table  JKKD Sales Order: Business Data
17 Table  JKKUEND Sales Order: Termination Data
18 Table  JKPA Sales Order: Partner
19 Table  JKPROM Sales Order: Introduction Data
20 Table  JKREMIND IS-M/SD: Renewal Cycles for Subscription
21 Table  JMTMAT IS-M/SD: Promotional Material
22 Table  KOMK Communication Header for Pricing
23 Table  KOMP Communication Item for Pricing
24 Table  KOMV Pricing Communications-Condition Record
25 Table  KOMVD Price Determination Communication-Cond.Record for Printing
26 Table  NAST Message Status
27 Table  RJGADRS IS-M/SD: Formatted Address
28 Table  RJKRSCRIPT Renewal: Data for SAPscript
29 Table  RJM0102 IS-PSD: Access Function Module for Material - Structures
30 Table  RJMSG IS-M: Message Data
31 Table  T001 Company Codes
32 Table  TJAKT Sales Order: Texts for Sales Document Types
33 Table  TJAPT Sales Order: Texts for Item Types
34 Table  TJD10 IS-M/SD: Text Table for Service Types
35 Table  TJG44 IS-M: Texts for Form-of-Address Key
36 Table  TJK02 IS-M/SD: Billing Frequency (Text Table)
37 Table  TJKRRSL IS-M/SD: Type of Step in Monitoring Procedure
38 Table  TJKRRSLT IS-M/SD: Type of Step in Monitoring Procedure (Text)
39 Table  TJKRRSSTEP IS-M/SD: Steps in Monitoring Procedure
40 Table  TJV02 Delivery Type (Texts)
41 Table  TJY00 IS-M: Central Parameters for IS-M
42 Table  TNAPR Processing programs for output
43 Table  TVKO Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations