Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RGPSA_ET_TRANSFER (PSA entitlement transfer calculation)
SAP ABAP Program RGPSA_ET_TRANSFER (PSA entitlement transfer calculation) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  BKPF Accounting Document Header
2 Table  GLU1 G/L user table 1
3 Table  ICURR Interface for Currency Translation
4 Table  JVPSC01T Summary table
5 Table  PSACR PSA Document Currencies
6 Table  PSAHD PSA Document Header
7 Table  T001 Company Codes
8 Table  T006 Units of Measurement
9 Table  T009B Fiscal year variant periods
10 Table  T8JE Investment Type
11 Table  T8JF Investment Group
12 Table  T8JO Partner
13 Table  T8JQ Joint Venture Owner Equity
14 Table  T8PSA_ADJ_REASON PSA Reason Code for Adjustment
15 Table  T8PSA_ADJ_RSN_T PSA Reason Code for Adjustment
16 Table  T8PSA_CSA Calculation Scheme Assignments
17 Table  T8PSA_EG PSC Equity Group
18 Table  T8PSA_EVENT PSA Event table
19 Table  T8PSA_EVENT_PARA Joint venture event parameters
20 Table  T8PSA_EVENT_SO Joint venture event select options
21 Table  T8PSA_INPUT Volume Input
22 Table  T8PSA_JV Venture Assignment to PSC
23 Table  T8PSA_PA Product Assignment
24 Table  T8PSA_PREPOST Preliminary Posting
25 Table  T8PSA_PROC_AUTH PSA Process Authorities
26 Table  T8PSA_PRODUCT Product Master
27 Table  T8PSA_PSC PSC Master
28 Table  TACT Activities which can be Protected
29 Table  TCURC Currency Codes