Table list used by SAP ABAP Program RFVIREC3 (RFVIREC3)
SAP ABAP Program RFVIREC3 (RFVIREC3) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  ANKA Asset classes: general data
2 Table  ANKT Asset classes: Description
3 Table  AUFK Order master data
4 Table  CEST1 CO-PA Line-Item Actual Data
5 Table  CFKY1 Common key fields 1 SAP-EIS
6 Table  CFTIME Names of time-related fields
7 Table  COSP CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings
8 Table  DD07V Generated Table for View
9 Table  FM01 Financial Management Areas
10 Table  FM01T Funds Management Area Texts
11 Table  KNA1 General Data in Customer Master
12 Table  MAKT Material Descriptions
13 Table  MARA General Material Data
14 Table  RKB1T Transfer structure for CO-PA text-read function module
15 Table  RKB1X Application-specific fields in drill-down reporting
16 Table  RSTHIE BRST structure of the hierarchy table
17 Table  T001 Company Codes
18 Table  T001W Plants/Branches
19 Table  T004 Directory of Charts of Accounts
20 Table  T004T Chart of Account Names
21 Table  T009 Fiscal Year Variants
22 Table  T009B Fiscal year variant periods
23 Table  T009C Period names
24 Table  T016T Industry Names
25 Table  T093 Real and derived depreciation areas
26 Table  T093T Names for real and derived depreciation areas
27 Table  T096 Chart of depreciation
28 Table  T096T Chart of depreciation texts
29 Table  TBO00 Object type control parameters
30 Table  TBO01 Language-specific values for object type
31 Table  TGSB Business Areas
32 Table  TGSBT Business Area Names
33 Table  TIK02 Condition categories
34 Table  TIK0B Texts for terms types (TIK02)
35 Table  TILG1 Vacancy reason
36 Table  TILGA Texte TILG1 vacancy reasons
37 Table  TIV01 External usage types of rental unit
38 Table  TIV05 Definition of Service Charge Keys
39 Table  TIV07 Apportionment unit ID
40 Table  TIV08 Area types
41 Table  TIV0A RU Usage type ID's
42 Table  TIV0G Settlement factor name
43 Table  TIV0H Texts for TIV08 Area types
44 Table  TIV10 Bus. entity location
45 Table  TIV18 Security deposit types
46 Table  TIV1R Language table for security deposit types view
47 Table  TIV26 Real Estate Contract Type (Entities)
48 Table  TIV2F Text table for Real Estate Contract Type (table TIV26)
49 Table  TIV35 Regional locations
50 Table  TIV45 District Location
51 Table  TIV4E Site texts
52 Table  TIVT5 Incidental expenses key text
53 Table  TJ01 Business Transactions
54 Table  TJ01T Business Transaction Texts
55 Table  TJ02 System status
56 Table  TJ02T System status texts
57 Table  TKA01 Controlling Areas
58 Table  TKA03 Statistical key figures
59 Table  TKA09 Basic Settings for Versions
60 Table  TKT03 Stat. key figure texts
61 Table  TKT09 Texts for versions in master table
62 Table  TZB0A Definition of flow types
63 Table  TZB0T Flow types text table
64 Table  TZK01 Condition types
65 Table  TZK07 Condition type-dependent detailed description skopo
66 Table  TZK0A Condition type texts (Table TZK01)
67 Table  TZK0G Texts for condition type-dependent detailed description
68 Table  VIOB01 Business entities