Table list used by SAP ABAP Program PCITEF01 (Include PCHEAF01)
SAP ABAP Program PCITEF01 (Include PCHEAF01) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Table  BAPIADMID BAPI communication structure: ad. media ID
2 Table  BAPIPCAREAID BAPI Communication Structure: Layout Area ID
3 Table  BAPIPCVARIANTID BAPI Communication Structure: Product Catalog Variant ID
4 Table  BAPIRET2 Return Parameter
5 Table  BDI_LOGSYS Transfer structure for logical systems
6 Table  DYNPREAD Fields of the current screen (with values)
7 Table  EDIMSG Output Types and Assignment to IDoc Types
8 Table  HELP_INFO Transfer Values for the Help Processor
9 Table  SCREEN Structure Description for the System Data Object SCREEN
10 Table  TBDLST Text for logical system
11 Table  TWGLV Layout Area
12 Table  WWMI Product catalog
13 Table  WWMIT Prod. catalog texts
14 Table  WWMV Product catalog variant
15 Table  WWVT Product catalog variant text