Function Module list used by SAP ABAP Class CL_GRPC_API_CONTROL (Control API class)
SAP ABAP Class CL_GRPC_API_CONTROL (Control API class) is using
# Object Type Object Name Object Description Note
1 Function Module  BAL_DB_SAVE Application Log: Database: Save logs
2 Function Module  BAL_LOG_CREATE Application Log: Log: Create with Header Data
3 Function Module  BAL_LOG_MSG_ADD Application Log: Log: Message: Add
4 Function Module  GRAC_API_MITIGATION_VALIDATION Mitigation Assignment API
5 Function Module  GRPC_API_OBJECT_INFO Check the core PC authorizations
6 Function Module  GRPC_API_RULE_CONTROLS get controls by rule
7 Function Module  GRPC_API_RULE_RETRIEVE Get the single rule data
8 Function Module  GRPC_GET_RULES Get list of the rules
9 Function Module  RH_READ_INFTY_1001 Read Infotype 1001 for Object Set