SAP ABAP Table Field TKKH1-HRKFT (Origin Group as Subdivision of Cost Element)
SAP_FIN (Software Component) SAP_FIN
   CO-PC-OBJ (Application Component) Cost Object Controlling
     CKCO (Package) R/3 Application Development: PP Transfer to CO Object
Basic Data
Table TKKH1     Origin in CO Object
Field HRKFT     Origin Group as Subdivision of Cost Element
Position 4    
Field Attributes
Data Element HRKFT     Origin Group as Subdivision of Cost Element
Check Table      
Nesting depth for includes 0    
Internal ABAP Type C     Character String
Internal Length in Bytes 4    
Reference table      
Name of Include      
Reference Field (CURR or QTY)      
Check module    
NOT NULL forced X     NOT NULL forced
Data Type in ABAP Dictionary CHAR     Character String
Length (No. of Characters) 4    
Number of Decimal Places 0    
Domain name HRKFT     Origin (sub-division of account)
Origin of an input help (F4)       No input help exists
DD: Flag if it is a table       No / FALSE
DD: Depth for structured types 0    
DD: Component Type E     Data element
Type of Object Referenced       No Information
DD: Indicator for a Language Field       Not selected as language field
Position of the field in the table 0    
Last changed by/on SAP  19970903 
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