SAP ABAP Table CDB_ORD_ARC_OBJ (Transactions deleted in deletion job)
BBPCRM (Software Component) BBPCRM
   CRM-MSA-ADP (Application Component) Adapters Mobile Sales
     CDB_ORDER_ARC (Package) CDB Reorganization
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table CDB_ORD_ARC_OBJ   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description Transactions deleted in deletion job    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class A   Application Table (Master- and Transaction Data) 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance     Display/Maintenance Allowed with Restrictions 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 MANDT MANDT MANDT CLNT 3   0   Client *
2 AUART SMO3AUART SMO3AUART CHAR 4   0   Sales document type  
3 VBELN SMO3VBELN2 SMO3VBELN CHAR 10   0   Sales document  
4 JGUID CDB_ORD_ARC_JGUID SYSUUID RAW 16   0   Deletion Job Identifier  
5 OGUID CDB_ORD_ARC_OGUID SYSUUID RAW 16   0   Sales Transaction Identifier  
6 RELFLAG CDB_ORD_ARC_RFLAG XFELD CHAR 1   0   Reloading flag for Mobile Bridge Filter function  
Last changed by/on SAP  20041011 
SAP Release Created in 401