SAP ABAP Table CAVEIBDOC (CAVE: Inbound Document Processing)
SAP_APPL (Software Component) Logistics and Accounting
   SCM-BAS (Application Component) SCM Basis
     CAVE (Package) CIF APO Sales Enhancements
Basic Data
Table Category TRANSP    Transparent table 
Transparent table CAVEIBDOC   Table Relationship Diagram
Short Description CAVE: Inbound Document Processing    
Delivery and Maintenance
Delivery Class L   Table for storing temporary data, delivered empty 
Data Browser/Table View Maintenance     Display/Maintenance Allowed with Restrictions 
Field Key Data Element Domain Data
Length Decimal
Short Description Check
1 CLIENT MANDT MANDT CLNT 3   0   Client *
2 TRGUID APOTRGUID SYSUUID_22 CHAR 22   0   ATP: GUID for Relevant Transaction in APO Server  
3 TRFCCHN CIFTRFCCHN TRFCQNAM CHAR 24   0   Serialization Channel of tRFC  
4 ORDID CIFORDID CIFGUID22 CHAR 22   0   GUID for Order Headers  
5 COUNTER SYTABIX SYST_LONG INT4 10   0   Row Index of Internal Tables  
6 DOC CIFDOC CIFDELNR CHAR 12   0   Document Number (Purchasing/Sales...)  
7 USERCHANGE AENAME UNAME CHAR 12   0   Last Changed By  
8 DATECHANGE AEDAT DATUM DATS 8   0   Last Changed On  
9 TIMECHANGE ERZET UZEIT TIMS 6   0   Entry time  
10 MSGTYPE BAPI_MTYPE SYCHAR01 CHAR 1   0   Message type: S Success, E Error, W Warning, I Info, A Abort  
11 MSGID SYMSGID ARBGB CHAR 20   0   Message Class *
12 MSGNO SYMSGNO SYMSGNO NUMC 3   0   Message Number  
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