Basic Data
Program SAPLUPB_PM  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UPB_PM_GET_PLAN_MAPS   read existing planning folders of Appl.    
02   UPB_PM_CHANGE_CUST   Creating, Changing, Displaying Planning Folders    
03   UPB_PM_DELETE   Delete Planning Folder    
04   UPB_PM_GET_DESIGN   read Design of aa planning folder    
05   UPB_PM_GET_PROP   Read properties of a planning object    
06   UPB_PM_GET_PROP_ALL   read Properties of all planning objects    
07   UPB_PM_EXECUTE   Execute Planning function or sequence    
08   UPB_PM_GET_DATA   Read data object to a planning    
09   UPB_PM_SET_DATA_RFC   Write data of a planning object to the buffer   R  
10   UPB_NAMESPACE_CHECK   Naming convention, planning applications    
11   UPB_PM_GET_RFC   List of planning folders, RFC   R  
12   UPB_PM_GET_DESIGN_RFC   Read design of a planning session by RFC   R  
13   UPB_PM_EXECUTE_RFC   Run Planning object   R  
14   UPB_PM_IS_ACTIVE   Is the planning book active in the Gui?    
15   UPB_PM_ENQUEUE_RFC   lock planning folder   R  
16   UPB_PM_DEQUEUE_RFC   Release planning folders    
17   UPB_PM_TRANSPORT   Transport of Planning Folders    
18   UPB_PM_AUTHORIZATION_CHECK   Authorization Check for Planning Folders    
19   UPB_PM_EXECUTE_PBO   Execute PBO POBs of the layout    
20   UPB_PM_DEFAULT   Maintain data for default folders    
21   UPB_PM_GET_APPLC   read application class    
22   UPB_PM_MAIN   Creating, Changing, Displaying Planning Folders    
23   UPB_PM_TRANSLATE_DIALOG   dialog for transport of planning workbooks    
24   UPB_PM_CREATE   Create New Planning Folder    
25   UPB_PM_DISPLAY_LEGEND   Display a legend of icons used    
26   UPB_PM_GET_URLS   Read URLs of the existing planning folders of application    
27   UPB_PM_TRANSPORT_MAIN_PROFILE   Transport of Planning Folders    
28   UPB_PM_GET_PROFILE   Profile or main planning area    
30   UPB_PM_UNDO_GET_TEXT   Read current texts for Undo    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
# Screen Short Description
1 0120  Create a New Planning Book 
2 0210  Subscreen Container for Planning Folder Selection 
3 0300  Personalization 
4 1100  Select Application Class 
5 1200  Planning Folders Legend 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 0210KONTEXT  Context Menu for Folder Selection 
2 0300  Personalization 
3 1100  Select Application Class 
4 210  Select Planning Folder 
5 LEGENDE  Planning Folders: Legend 
6 STATUS120  Dialog to Create a PF 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 001  Edit Planning Folders 
2 002  Create New Planning Folder 
3 003  Display Planning Folders 
4 004  Execute Planning Folders 
5 005  Edit Balance Sheet Planning Folders 
6 006  Display Balance Sheet Planning Folders 
7 007  Execute Balance Sheet Planning Folders 
8 008  Edit Investment Planning Folders 
9 009  Display Investment Planning Folders 
10 010  Execute Investment Planning Folders 
11 110  Application Class Selection 
12 210  &1 
13 300  Personalization Data for Planniung Folders 
14 LEGENDE  Legend of Symbols Used 
Last changed by/on SAP  20040315 
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