Basic Data
Program SAPLUMK_MB  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UMK_MB_DATASRC_RFC_SET   Set RFC destination for measure activating    
02   UMK_MB_INDUSTRY_GET_FROM_BW   Industry Get from Default BW-system    
03   UMK_MB_INFOCUBE_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for Infocube    
04   UMK_MB_ICKEYFIG_SEARCH   search infocube or key figure    
05   UMK_MB_INDU_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for industry(read from BW)    
06   UMK_MB_MEASURE_ODBO_KEYFIG_GET   Get ODBO key figure for measures    
07   UMK_MB_UNIT_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for industry(read from BW)    
08   UMK_MB_UNIT_GET_FROM_BW   Unit get from Default BW-system    
09   UMK_MB_MEASURE_SEARCH   Popup window to search measure    
10   UMK_MB_INDUSTRY_FILTER_SET   Industry filter stetting    
11   UMK_MB_MEASURE_TREE   Measure search help    
12   UKM_MB_UNIT_SET   Set unit into global buffer    
13   UMK_MB_CHAVAL_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for characteristic(read from BW)    
14   UMK_MB_CHAVAL_PRESELECTION   Pre-selection for characteristic value    
15   UMK_MB_ICKEYF_TEXT_FILL   Fill text for InfoCube and Key Figure    
16   UMK_MB_MEAS_ACTIVATE_OPTION   Options for Measure Activating    
17   UMK_MB_SET_EXCEPTIONS   set override exceptions    
18   UMK_MB_MNODE_ACTIVATE_OPTION   Options for Measure Node activation    
19   UMK_MB_MASS_MEASURES_ACTIVATE   Check and activate non-activated measures    
20   UMK_MB_XREF_TO_NODETAB   Convert structure XREF-> NODETAB    
21   UMK_MB_MEASURE_FILTER_SET   Set filter for Measure Catalog    
22   UMK_MB_FILTER_VARIANT_GET   Get filter variant    
23   UMK_MB_FILTER_VARIANT_DELETE   Delete filter variant for Measure Catalog    
24   UMK_MB_WHERE_USED_LIST   Where-used-list for measure    
25   UMK_MB_PROVIDER_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for provider(read from Default BW)    
26   UMK_MB_PROVIDER_GET_FROM_BW   Get benchmark&measure provider from Default BW-system    
27   UMK_MB_REFMEAS_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for UMK_H_REFMEAS_T    
28   UMK_MB_MEAS_SRCH_EXIT   Search help exit for UMK_H_MEAS_T    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
# Screen Short Description
1 0100  Measure Search Help 
2 0200  Data Source RFC Destination 
3 0300  Options for Measure Activation 
4 0310  Options for Measure Activation 
5 0400  Exceptions Setting 
6 0500  Find Measure 
7 0600  Screen: Industry Filter 
8 0650  SEL_SCREEN 0650 INFO:170000300000000000000000000094040005383 
9 0700  Find InfoCube or Measures 
10 0701  InfoCube Hit List 
11 0702  Measure Hit List 
12 0705  Measure Detail 
13 0800  Check and Activate Non-Activated Measures 
14 0805  Check and Activate Non-Activated Measures: Options Setting 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 ACT_MASS_MEAS  Activate Mass Measures 
2 ICKEYF_DETAIL  Measure Detail 
3 ICKEYF_SEARCH  InfoCube and Measure Search 
4 MEASURE_SEARCH  Measure Search 
5 MNODE_ACTIV_OPT  Measure Node Activation Option 
6 OK_CANC  OK or Canceled 
7 SRCHMEAS  Initial 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 ACT_MASS_MEAS  Mass Activation of Measures 
2 BWSYS  BW System for Assignment of Data Sources 
3 CHK_ACT_MEAS  Activate Measures 
4 EXECEPTION  Setting for Exceptions 
5 ICKEYF_DETAIL  InfoProvider and Measure Details 
6 ICKEYF_SEARCH  Find InfoProvider or Measure 
7 IND_FILTER  Set Industry Filter 
8 MEAS_ACTIV_OPT  Activation Options for Measure '&' 
9 MNODE_ACTIV_OPT  Activation Options for Measure Group '&' 
10 OPTIONS  Options 
11 SEARCH  Find 
12 SEL_MEAS  Select Measure 
13 SEL_NODE  Choose Measure Group 
14 SRCHMEAS  Find Measure 
Last changed by/on SAP  20041006 
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