Basic Data
Program SAPLUMK_DB  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_GET   Get referenced objects    
02   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_GET_FULL   Get component full reference    
03   UMK_DB_CATALOG_GET   Get all catalogs    
04   UMK_DB_MNODE_GET   Get all measure nodes    
05   UMK_DB_CATALG_INSERT_DEFAULT   Generate default catalog -> Non Assigned Catalog    
06   UMK_DB_MEASURE_GET   Get Measure    
07   UMK_DB_MEASURE_ACTIVATE   Activate delivered measure    
08   UMK_DB_MEASURE_IS_ACTIVATED   Only activated measure will be left    
09   UMK_DB_MEASURE_DELETE   Delete measure as well as data dependent on it    
10   UMK_DB_MEASURE_VERSION_CHECK   Check if measure has given version    
11   UMK_DB_CATALOG_DELETE   Delete Measure Catalog as well as data dependent on it    
12   UMK_DB_CATALOG_CREATE   Create new catalog    
13   UMK_DB_CATALOG_UPDATE_TEXT   Update Measure Catalog    
14   UMK_DB_MNODE_CREATE   Create Measure node    
15   UMK_DB_MNODE_UPDATE_TEXT   Update Measure node text    
16   UMK_DB_MNODE_DELETE   Delete Measure node    
17   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_DELETE   Move child to new parent    
18   UMK_DB_MEASURE_CREATE   Create Measure    
19   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_CREATE   Create component reference    
20   UMK_DB_MEASURE_UPDATE   Update Measure    
21   UMK_DB_RFCDEST_GET   Get BW destination for Measure Builder    
22   UMK_DB_MEASURE_SET_INITVAL   Set initial value for measure    
23   UMK_DB_BKICCUST_GET   Get Benchmark infocube customizing information    
24   UMK_DB_BKICCUST_SAVE   Save customizing data of benchmark infocube    
25   UMK_DB_BKIC_LIST_GET   Get Benchmark Infocube list    
26   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_SWAP   Swap two children's position in tree    
27   UMK_DB_MEAS_INDUSTRY_FILTER   Get Measure not filtered by industry    
28   UMK_DB_NODE_DECENDANTS_GET   Get all decendants of node    
29   UMK_DB_NODE_HAS_CHILD   Whether node has children    
30   UMK_DB_NODE_GET_ALL_PARENT   Get all ancesters of one node    
31   UMK_DB_NODE_ANCESTORS_GET   Get node ancesters    
32   UMK_DB_CONTENT_RELEASE_GET   Get default content release for measure catalog    
33   UMK_DB_MNODE_ACTIVATE   Activate delivered measure node    
34   UMK_DB_NODE_HAS_PARENT   Whether node has parent    
35   UMK_DB_NODE_GET_CHILDREN   Get node children    
36   UMK_DB_MAX_NODE_GET   Get maxmimum node from Measure Node    
37   UMK_DB_DELETE_DES_OF_CATALOG   Delete all descendatnts of a catalog.    
38   UMK_DB_PROFILE_UPDATE   Update profile    
39   UMK_DB_PROFILE_LIST_GET   Get profile list    
40   UMK_DB_PROFILE_DETAIL_GET   Get profile detail    
41   UMK_DB_PROFILE_DELETE   Delete Profile    
42   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_BMK_DELETE   Delete Benchmark Meausre reference    
43   UMK_DB_REFERENCE_BMK_CREATE   Create Benchmark Measure Reference    
44   UMK_DB_SET_PARAMETER_ID   Set Parameter ID for Measure    
45   UMK_DB_MEASURE_REF_DELETE   Delete measure as well as data dependent on it    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
Last changed by/on SAP  20041006 
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