Basic Data
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UMB_EP_GET_ANALYSIS_TREE   Get Analysis Tree   R  
02   UMB_EP_GET_SC_HIER   Get Scorecard Hierarchy   R  
03   UMB_EP_GET_TREE_TYPES   Get Tree Types   R  
04   UMB_EP_GET_OWNER_LIST   Get Owner List   R  
05   UMB_EP_GET_BSC_URL   Liefert die URL zur Balanced Scorecard Applikation   R  
06   UMB_EP_GET_VALUE_FIELDS   Get Value Fields   R  
07   UMB_EP_GET_SC_DETAIL   Get Scorecard Detail   R  
08   UMB_EP_GET_STRA_DETAIL   Get Perspective Detail   R  
09   UMB_EP_GET_PERS_DETAIL   Get Strategy Detail   R  
10   UMB_EP_GET_OBJ_DETAIL   Get Objective Detail   R  
11   UMB_EP_GET_MEAS_DETAIL   Get Measure Detail   R  
12   UMB_EP_GET_INIT_DETAIL   Get Initive Detail   R  
13   UMB_EP_GET_RISK_DETAIL   Get Risk Detail   R  
14   UMB_EP_GET_RGRP_DETAIL   Get Risk Group Detail   R  
15   UMB_EP_GET_RCAT_DETAIL   Get Risk Category Detail   R  
16   UMB_EP_GET_RACT_DETAIL   Get Risk Activity Detail   R  
17   UMB_EP_SET_STATUS   Set BSC Object Status   R  
18   UMB_EP_GET_ASS_COM   Get Assessment and Comments   R  
19   UMB_EP_SET_ASSESSMENT   Set Assessment   R  
20   UMB_EP_DEL_ASSESSMENT   Remove Assessment   R  
21   UMB_EP_ADD_COMMENT   Add Comment   R  
22   UMB_EP_DEL_COMMENT   Remove Comment   R  
23   UMB_EP_GET_MSTONE   Get Milestones   R  
24   UMB_EP_ADD_MSTONE   Add Milestone   R  
25   UMB_EP_SET_MSTONE   Set Milestone   R  
26   UMB_EP_DEL_MSTONE   Remove Milestone   R  
27   UMB_EP_GET_TEAM   Get Team Member   R  
28   UMB_EP_ADD_TEAM   Add Milestone   R  
29   UMB_EP_DEL_TEAM   Remove Milestone   R  
30   UMB_EP_GET_MEAS_TS   Get Measure's Time Series Data   R  
31   UMB_EP_GET_MEAS_GRA   Get Measure Graphic   R  
32   UMB_EP_GET_RISK_TS   Get Risk Time Series Data   R  
33   UMB_EP_GET_RISK_PROB   Get Risk Probability   R  
34   UMB_EP_GET_TEXTS   Get All Texts   R  
35   UMB_EP_GET_RISK_GRA   Get Graphics for Risk and Risk Group   R  
36   UMB_EP_LOCK_OBJECT   Lock BSC Object   R  
37   UMB_EP_UNLOCK_OBJECT   Unlock BSC Object   R  
38   UMB_EP_GET_PERIODS   Get Current and Target Periods   R  
39   UMB_EP_GET_STATUS_LIST   Get Status List   R  
40   UMB_EP_GET_PERSONAL_SCORECARD   Get the assigned personal scorecard of the corresponding user   R  
42   UMB_EP_GET_CE_DATA   Get XMLData needed by Cause Effect Chain Applet   R  
43   UMB_EP_SET_CE_STATE   Set Cause Effect Chain State   R  
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
Last changed by/on SAP  20041006 
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