Basic Data
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_CREATE   Create node (Master Data)   R  
02   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_CHANGE   Change node (Master Data)   R  
03   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_DELETE   Delete node (Master Data)   R  
04   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_ID   Query node by ID (Master Data)   R  
05   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_SELCON   Query node by Selection Condition (Master Data)   R  
06   UA_RFC_PDCE_ATTACHMENT_CREATE   Create object attachment   R  
07   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_CREATE   Create table line   R  
08   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_CHANGE   Change table line   R  
09   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_DELETE   Delete table line   R  
10   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_ADD_NODE   Add node (with sub-tree) to the tree   R  
11   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_QUERY_SELCON   Query hierarchy by selection condition for leading node   R  
12   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_REMOVE_NODE   Remove node from hierarchy   R  
13   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_ADD_NODE   Add node to the hierarchy   R  
14   UA_RFC_PDCE_FIELD_QUERY_SELCON   Queries field values by selection condition   R  
15   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_TYPEINFO   Get type metadata   R  
16   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_ATTRIBUTE_SETS   Get attribute sets of object type   R  
17   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_TYPES   Get types defined in Data Basis   R  
18   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_QUERY_SELCON   Query table data by Selection Condition   R  
19   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_PARENT   Query parents of node   R  
20   UA_RFC_PDCE_EDGE_CHANGE   Change values on the existing edge   R  
21   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_DEFAULT   Query node default values   R  
22   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_CCS   Query CCS of node   R  
23   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_QUERY_STATUS   Get possible statuses for node   R  
24   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_COPY_NODE   Copy node and insert it as a child to the target parent node   R  
25   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_NODE_INFO   Get node metadata (object and attribuite set)   R  
26   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_QUERY_CHILDRN   Query children of node   R  
27   UA_RFC_PDCE_FIELD_QUERY_FORMUL   Query formula on the field   R  
28   UA_RFC_PDCE_FIELD_QUERY_TRACE   Query field value calculation trace   R  
29   UA_RFC_PDCE_INIT   Initialise RFC connection with PDCE   R  
30   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_TYPE_TABLEINFO   Get table types defined for object type   R  
31   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_QUERY_ID   Query hierarchy by leading node ID   R  
32   UA_RFC_PDCE_ATTACHMENT_GET   Get object attachment   R  
33   UA_RFC_PDCE_SAVE   Save 'result level' to database   R  
34   UA_RFC_PDCE_ATTACHMENT_DELETE   Delete object attachment   R  
35   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_XML_IMPORT   XML Importieren   R  
36   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_XML_EXPORT   Export of data from PDCE via XML   R  
37   UA_RFC_PDCE_ATTACHMENT_CHANGE   Change object attachment   R  
38   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_LOAD_ID   Load hierarchy and build tree by leading node ID   R  
39   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_REMOVE_NODE   Remove tree node   R  
40   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_COPY_NODE   Copy node and insert as child to target node in tree   R  
41   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_CE_IMPORT   Import Cost Estimate from ERP system into tree   R  
42   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_SET_STATUS   Set node status   R  
43   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_QUERY_CHILDRN   Query chidlren tree nodes of tree node   R  
44   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_MASS_IMPORT   Mass import of object from ERP   R  
45   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_MASS_IMPORT   Mass import table data from ERP system   R  
46   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_CALCULATE   Calculate all elements within environment   R  
47   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_COPY_AS   Copy node as a target node   R  
48   UA_RFC_PDCE_NODE_ASSIGN   Assign responsible person to node   R  
49   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_COPY_AS_NODE   Copy node as a target in tree   R  
50   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_REMOVE_ROOT   Remove root tree   R  
51   UA_RFC_PDCE_TLINE_ODS_IMPORT   Import table data from ODS object   R  
52   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_MOVE_NODE   Move node within the same level of tree   R  
53   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_QS_IMPORT   Import Quantity Structure from ERP system into tree   R  
54   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_CCST_ASSIGNMNT   Get fields for which splitted values exist   R  
55   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_CCST   Get cost component splits defined   R  
56   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_CCST_COSTCOMP   Get cost components of cost component split (only for 1COGM)   R  
57   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_QUERY_CCS   Query CCS of node, edge, tree node in tree   R  
58   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_QUERY_CCS   Query CCS on node and edge   R  
59   UA_RFC_PDCE_TREE_XML_IMPORT   Import XML in tree   R  
60   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_QS_IMPORT   Import Quantity Structure from ERP system into tree   R  
61   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_CE_IMPORT   Import Cost Estimate from ERP system into tree   R  
62   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_PRICETABLE   Get types defined in Data Basis   R  
63   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_RFCTABLE   Get types defined in Data Basis   R  
64   UA_RFC_PDCE_HIER_CHECK   Check hierarchy against check table   R  
65   UA_RFC_PDCE_COSTESTIM_GETLIST   Get list of Cost Estimates from ERP system   R  
66   UA_RFC_PDCE_NET_PRICE_GET   Get real time net prices from ERP system (CO,PIR,PO)   R  
67   UA_RFC_PDCE_FIELD_QUERY_R3   Queries any table field values in R/3 by selection condition   R  
68   UA_RFC_PDCE_CONVERSION_EXIT   Perform input/output conversion according to conversion exit   R  
69   UA_RFC_PDCE_COSTESTIM_GETDETLS   Read cost estimate details from ERP Core system   R  
70   UA_RFC_PDCE_IOBJ_GETLIST   Erstellt eine Liste von InfoObjects   R  
71   UA_RFC_PDCE_DB_QUERY_SELCON   Query node by Selection Condition (Master Data)   R  
72   UA_RFC_PDCE_CONTEXT_CHANGE   Change context   R  
73   UA_RFC_PDCE_GET_XML_TAG_PREFIX   Get prefix of XML tag for field   R  
Transaction Code
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