SAP ABAP Program SAPLTXW0 (Tax Warehouse - Collect original data)
Basic Data
Program SAPLTXW0 Tax Warehouse - Collect original data  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database D$S Processing without database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   TXW_PROCESS_FI   FI Documents    
02   TXW_TEMP_STORAGE_LOCK   Get and lock a temporary storage id    
03   TXW_GLOBAL_SETTINGS   Global settings (select options, parameters, tables)    
04   TXW_EXTRACT_GLOBAL_DATA   Global master data    
05   TXW_EXTRACT_TRANS_DEP_MD   Transaction dependent master data    
06   TXW_EXTRACT_INDEPENDENT_MD   Transaction independent master data    
07   TXW_EXTRACT_CO_MD   CO related master data    
08   TXW_EXTRACT_AM_MD   Asset related master data    
09   TXW_EXTRACT_JV_MD   JV related master data    
10   TXW_EXTRACT_LOGISTIC_MD   Logistics master data    
11   TXW_PROCESS_AM   AM Asset documents    
12   TXW_PROCESS_MM   MM Material documents    
13   TXW_PROCESS_BI   SD Billing documents    
14   TXW_PROCESS_CO   CO Controlling documents    
15   TXW_PROCESS_CF   CO/FI Reconciliation documents    
16   TXW_PROCESS_PO   MM Purchase order documents    
17   TXW_PROCESS_SD   SD Sales order documents    
18   TXW_PROCESS_DL   SD Delivery documents    
19   TXW_PROCESS_PA   SD Sales document: Partner (VBPA)    
20   TXW_EXTRACT_CO_CCTR_HIERARCHY   Cost center hierarchy    
21   TXW_TEMP_STORAGE_EXPORT   Export internal table to temporary storage    
22   TXW_TEMP_STORAGE_IMPORT   Import internal table from temporary storage    
23   TXW_TEMP_STORAGE_DELETE   Delete data from temporary storage    
24   TXW_TEMP_STORAGE_UNLOCK   Release temporary storage lock    
25   TXW_PROCESS_SU   Sales and use tax data    
26   TXW_EXTRACT_CO_PCTR_HIERARCHY   Profit center hierarchy    
27   TXW_ADD_MASTER_DATA   Add master data to internal reference tables    
28   TXW_CLEAR_UP_PA   Clear up PA buffer tables    
29   TXW_CLEAR_UP_PO   Clear up PO buffer tables    
30   TXW_GET_GLOBAL_SETTINGS   Global settings (select options, parameters, tables)    
31   TXW_TRIGGER_E1_MM   Call back to E1 with MM key buffer    
32   TXW_TRIGGER_E1_CUST   Call back to E1 with cust key buffer    
33   TXW_WRITE_CONTROLTOTALS   Printout control totals for extraction protocol    
34   TXW_TRIGGER_E1_PREF   Call back to E1 with MM key buffer    
35   TXW_TRIGGER_E1_BSEC   Call back to E1 with FI-POS buffer for selection of BSEC    
36   TXW_TRIGGER_E1_CO   Call back to E1 with OBJNR key buffer    
Transaction Code
There is no transaction reference to this program  
Last changed by/on SAP  19980423 
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