SAP ABAP Program SAPLSSQ0ACC (Display List for SQL, Enqueue, RFC, and Memory Trace)
Basic Data
Program SAPLSSQ0ACC Display List for SQL, Enqueue, RFC, and Memory Trace  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   PERFORMANCEA_TRACE_SUMMARY   Statement summary Infos für Performancetrace in interner Tabelle stellen   R  
02   SACC_CALL_STACK_WRITE   ABAP Call Stack Schreiben im SQL Trace an- /ausschalten   R  
03   SACC_PREPARE_STATEMENTS   Aufbereiten der SQL-Statements in den Tracesätzen    
04   SACC_WRITE_TRACE   Display trace records    
05   SACC_CHECK_ISELECTS_RECORDS   Determine trace records relevant for SQL summary, identical SQL statements    
07   SACC_DDIC_INFO_SHOW   Anzeige von Informationen für ein Data Dictionary Objekt    
08   SACC_DDIC_INFO_READ   Lesen Dictionary-Informationen für Performancetrace(SQL)    
09   SACC_DDIC_INFO_WRITE   Anzeige Dictionary-Informationen für Performancetrace(SQL)    
10   SACC_DDIC_INFO_INDEX_WRITE   Anzeigen von DDIC-Infos fuer Indizes beim Performancetrace    
11   PERFORMANCEA_TRACE_ON   Einschalten des Performance-Trace   R  
12   PERFORMANCEA_TRACE_OFF   Ausschalten des Performance-Trace   R  
13   SACC_GET_TRACE_RECORDS   Performance Tracefile in internen Tabellen aufbereiten    
14   SACC_SQL_STATEMENT_SUMM_DISP   Display SQL statement summary    
15   SACC_SQL_STATEMENT_SUMM   Get and display SQL statement summary    
18   SACC_STATEMENT_INPUT   Eingabe einer SQL-Anweisung bei der st05    
20   SACC_STATEMENT_INPUT_IND   Eingabe einer SQL-Anweisung bei der st05    
21   SACC_GEN_TRACE_RECORDS   Trace-File lesen, Trace-Sätze generieren    
22   SACC_TABSUM_READ   Lesen der Daten für Tablesummary    
23   SACC_CHECK_IBUFFER_RECORDS   Ausgabe der SQL-Trace-Liste    
24   PERFORMANCE_TRACE_GET_RECORDS   Get trace records    
25   PERFORMANCE_TRACE_SHOW   Performance Trace anzeigen   R  
26   SACC_TRACE_SUMMARY   Statement summary Infos für Performancetrace in interner Tabelle stellen   X  
27   SACC_TRACE_SUMMARY_ALL   Statement summary Infos für Performancetrace in interner Tabelle stellen   R  
28   SACC_TRACE_ON   Einschalten des Performance-Trace    
29   SACC_TRACE_OFF   Ausschalten des Performance-Trace    
30   PERFORMANCEA_TRACE_GET   Beschaffen der aktuellen Traceschalter   R  
31   SACC_SAVE_TRACE_RECORDS   Trace-File lesen, Trace-Sätze generieren    
32   SACC_ID_SQL_STATEMENTS   Get and display value-identical SQL statements    
34   SACC_TRACE_ON_ALL   Einschalten des Performance-Trace auf allen Servern   R  
35   SACC_TRACE_OFF_ALL   Ausschalten des Performance-Trace auf allen Servern   R  
36   SACC_ID_SQL_STATEMENTS_GET   Get value-identical SQL statements    
37   SACC_TRACE_KERNEL_TIME   Ermitteln der Kernelzeit    
38   SACC_READ_TRACE_RECORDS   Trace-File lesen, Trace-Sätze generieren    
39   SACC_ID_SQL_STATEMENTS_DISPLAY   Display value-identical SQL statements    
40   SACC_SQL_STATEMENT_SUMM_GET   Get SQL statement summary    
41   SACC_SQL_STATEMENTS_GET   Get SQL statements for statement summary and identical statements    
47   SACC_SYTIM_TO_LOTIM   Ermitteln der lokalen Zeit aus der Systemzeit    
48   SACC_LOTIM_TO_SYTIM   Ermitteln der Kernelzeit aus der lokalen Zeit   R  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 ST05ACC Barrier-Free Performance Trace 
2 ST05_OLD Performance Trace 
# Screen Short Description
1 0010  ST05 initial screen 
2 0020  Activate Filter for the Writing of the Performance Trace 
3 0030  Display Key Values 
4 0201  Filter for Saving the Performance Trace 
5 0300  Detail List for SQL Trace List (Statement Display) 
6 0400  Output SQL trace log record 
7 0500  Replace detail list with variables 
8 0600  Display Profile Parameter for Performance Trace 
9 0700  Display the Filter for Recording Trace Records 
10 0800  Initial Screen for Entering / Testing an SQL Statement 
11 0900  Initial Screen for Reading Saved SQL Statement 
12 1000  Grid_ALV Screen for Trace List 
13 2000  Grid_ALV Screen for Summarized Statements Trace List 
14 3000  Grid_ALV Screen for Identical Selects 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 ACCBASLIST  Performance Trace List for Grid ALV 
2 ALV_PF_STATUS_BBL  Table Summary - Select Block End 
3 ALV_PF_STATUS_SEL  Table Summary - List of Tables to Be Selected 
4 ALV_PF_STATUS_SUM  Table Summary - Totaled Table Overview 
5 BLOCKHEADER  Display Blockheader Information 
6 CON_TSUM  Summarized Table Overview 
7 DETAIL  Display Statement 
8 HIER1_SUMTAB  Display Hierarchy with Table Summary Level 1 
9 HIER_SUMTAB  Display Hierarchy with Table Summary 
10 ID_SQL_STATEMENTS  Identical Selects 
11 INITST05  Performance Analysis: ST05 Initial Screen 
12 INITST05ERR  Performance Analysis: ST05 Initial Screen 
13 ISELECTS  Output Identical Selects 
14 KEYSHOW  Output Keywords 
15 LEGD  Color Legend for Performance Trace 
16 LEGD_TAB  Color Legend for Performance Trace - Table Summary 
17 MARK_BLOCKEND  Select End of Block 
18 MARK_BLOCKEND_TABL  Select Block End for Selection of Table to Aggregate 
19 PROFILE  Display Profile Parameters for the Performance Trace 
20 PROG_LIST  List of Programs, Lines Containing Identical Statements 
21 PROTREC  Display Physical Performance Trace Records 
22 REPLACE  Display Statement with Replace Placeholders 
24 SELSAVE  Save a Performance Trace 
25 SHOW_ALL_INDX_FIELDS  DDIC: Display All Primary and Secondary Indexes 
26 SHOW_INDX_FIELDS  DDIC: Display Primary or Secondary Index Fields 
27 SHOW_TABLE  DDIC: Info for Tables 
28 SHOW_VIEW  DDIC: Info for Views 
29 SQLTBASL  Display Performance Trace List 
30 SQL_STATEMENT_SUMM  Statements Summary List for Grid ALV 
31 STAT_INPUT  SQL Statement Input 
32 TRACE_FILTER  Set Filter for Writing Trace Records 
33 TRFILTER  Display Performance Trace Filter 
34 TSUM_COMPARE  Comparison of Two Table Summaries 
35 TSUM_SELECTION  Table Summary: Function Comparison 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 000  Performance Analysis 
2 000_ERR  Performance Analysis - Error when writing the trace 
3 0011  Set Restrictions for Writing Trace 
4 002  Set Restrictions for Displaying Trace 
5 003_BUF  Buffer Trace Record 
6 003_ENQ  Enqueue Trace Record 
7 003_HTTP  HTTP Trace Record 
8 003_RFC  RFC Trace Record 
9 003_SQL  SQL Trace Record 
10 007  Statement with Replaced Placeholders 
11 011  Profile Parameters for the Performance Trace 
12 ACCBASLIST  Trace List 
13 CONC_TABLE_SUMMARY  Summarized Table Overview 
14 DDIC_INFO  ABAP Dictionary Information for Object & 
15 DDIC_INFO_ALL_INDX  ABAP Dictionary Information: Overview of All Indexes 
16 DDIC_INFO_INDX  ABAP Dictionary Information: Index Fields 
17 HIER1_SUMTAB  Hierarchy Display Level 1 for Table Summaries 
18 HIER_SUMTAB  Hierarchy Display Level 0 for Table Summaries 
19 ID_SQL_STATEMENTS  Identical SQL Statements 
20 INPUT_SQL_STATEMENT  Analysis of an SQL Statement to be Entered (Explain) 
21 KEYVALUE  Key Values 
22 LEG  Color Legend for Performance Trace 
23 LEG_TAB  Color Legend for Tables to Be Aggregated 
24 PROG_LIST  Program List of Identical Statements 
25 PROTREC  Physical Trace Record 
26 READ_TRACE  Restrictions for Displaying a Saved Trace 
27 SAVE_TRACE  Restrictions for Saving a Trace 
28 SIZING  Sizes of Changed Tables and Their Indexes 
29 SQL_STATEMENT_SUMM  Summarized SQL Statements 
30 STACK  ABAP Call Hierarchy 
31 TABLE_SUMMARY  Selection for Table Aggregation - Sorted by & 
32 TRFILTER  Display Filter for Writing Trace Records 
33 TSUM_COMPARE  Table Comparison of Two Table Summaries 
34 TS_SUM_COMP  Select Saved Table Summary for Comparison 
35 UPD_SQL_STATEMENT  Analyze a Logged SQL Statement (Explain) 
Last changed by/on SAP  20041219 
SAP Release Created in