SAP ABAP Program SAPLSSQ0 (Display List for SQL, Enqueue, RFC, and Memory Trace)
Basic Data
Program SAPLSSQ0 Display List for SQL, Enqueue, RFC, and Memory Trace  
Program Type F Function group  
Application S Basis  
Authorization Group  
Logical database  
Selection screen  
Editor lock Fixed point arithmetic  
Unicode checks active Start using variant  
Function Group
Include Function Module Short Description Mode
01   SQLT_CONTROL      
03   SQLT_PREPARE_STATEMENTS   Format SQL Statements in Trace Records    
04   SQLT_SET_SELECTIONS   Anzeigen und Eingeben der Selektionsbedingungen für die SQL-Trace-Liste    
05   SQLT_WRITE_TRACE   Output SQL trace list    
06   SQLT_IDENTICAL_SELECTS   Output SQL trace list    
07   SQLT_GEN_TABLE_IDENTICAL   Output SQL trace list    
08   SQLT_GEN_ISELECTS_RECORDS   Output SQL trace list    
09   SQLT_CHECK_ISELECTS_RECORDS   Output SQL trace list    
10   SQLT_GEN_STATEMENT_IDENTICAL   Output SQL trace list    
11   SQLT_CONTROL_TEST   Testprogramm: Steuerung der SQL-Trace-Aufbereitung    
12   SQLT_WRITE_TABLE_SUMMARY   Output SQL trace list    
13   SQLT_DDIC_INFO_SHOW   Anzeige von Informationen für ein Data Dictionary Objekt    
14   SQLT_DDIC_INFO_READ   Lesen Dictionary-Informationen für Performancetrace(SQL)    
15   SQLT_DDIC_INFO_WRITE   Anzeige Dictionary-Informationen für Performancetrace(SQL)    
16   SQLT_DDIC_INFO_INDEX_WRITE   Anzeigen von DDIC-Infos fuer Indizes beim Performancetrace    
17   SQLT_COND_TABLE_SUMMARY   Output SQL trace list    
19   PERFORMANCE_TRACE_OFF   Ausschalten des Perfromance-Traces   R  
20   SQLT_GET_TRACE_RECORDS   Performance Tracefile in internen Tabellen aufbereiten    
21   SQLT_STATEMENT_IDENTICAL   Output SQL trace list    
22   SQLT_WRITE_STATEMENT_IDENTICAL   Output SQL trace list    
23   SQLT_STATEMENT_INPUT   Eingabe einer SQL-Anweisung bei der st05    
24   SQLT_GEN_TRACE_RECORDS_NEW   Read Trace File, Generate Trace Records    
25   SQLT_CRE_ADD_DETAIL_TABLE   Bereitstellen von RFC-Informationen in interner Tabelle    
26   SQLT_STATEMENT_INPUT_IND   Eingabe einer SQL-Anweisung bei der st05    
27   SQLT_SAVE_TABLE_SUMMARY   Output SQL trace list    
28   SQLT_TRACE_ON      
29   SQLT_TRACE_OFF   Ausschalten des Perfromance-Traces    
30   PERFORMANCE_TRACE_GET   Beschaffen der aktuellen Trace-Schalter   R  
31   SQLT_SAVE_TRACE_RECORDS   Read Trace File, Generate Trace Records    
32   SQLT_GEN_RFC_SUMMARY   RFC-Tracesätze zusammenfassen    
37   SQLT_TRACE_KERNEL_TIME   Ermitteln der Kernel-Zeit    
38   SQLT_READ_TRACE_RECORDS   Read Trace File, Generate Trace Records    
39   SQLT_SELECTION_FOR_TABLE_SUM   Output SQL trace list    
40   SQLT_CHECK_IBUFFER_RECORDS   Output SQL trace list    
41   SQLT_WRITE_STAT_IDENTICAL_ALV   Output SQL trace list    
42   SQLT_WRITE_TABLE_SUMMARY_ALV   Output SQL trace list    
43   SQLT_TABSUM_CONTROL   Steuerung der ALV-Aufbereitung für Tablesummary (Vorbereitung)    
44   SQLT_TABSUM_READ   Lesen der Daten für ALV-Ausgabe für Tablesummary (Vorbereitung)    
48   SQLT_LOTIM_TO_SYTIM   Ermitteln der Kernelzeit aus der lokalen Zeit   R  
49   SQLT_SHOW_TRACE_E2E   Performancetrace aufrufen   R  
Transaction Code
Transactions reference to this program
# Transaction Code Short Description
1 ST05SAVE Performance Analysis (Very Old ST05) 
# Screen Short Description
1 0010  ST05 initial screen 
2 0011  Help Screen for Calling ST05 Externally 
3 0020  Activate Filter for the Writing of the Performance Trace 
4 0021  Activate Filter for the Writing of the Performance Trace 
5 0030  Display Key Values 
6 0100  SEL_SCREEN 0100 INFO:170000120000000000000000000015855921344 
7 0200  Set Up Filter for the Display of the Performance Trace 
8 0201  Filter for Saving the Performance Trace 
9 0210  Set Up Filter for the Display of the Performance Trace 
10 0300  Detail List for SQL Trace List (Statement Display) 
11 0400  Output SQL trace log record 
12 0500  Replace Detail List with Variables 
13 0600  Display Profile Parameter for Performance Trace 
14 0700  Display Profile Parameter for Performance Trace 
15 0800  Initial Screen for Entering / Testing an SQL Statement 
16 0900  Initial Screen for Reading Saved SQL Statement 
GUI Status
# GUI Status Short Description
1 ALV_PF_STATUS_BBL  Summarize Tables - Select Block End 
2 ALV_PF_STATUS_SEL  Summarize Tables - List of Tables to Be Selected 
3 ALV_PF_STATUS_SUM  Summarize Tables - Totaled Table Overview 
4 BLOCKHEADER  Display Blockheader Information 
5 CON_TSUM  Summarized Table Overview 
6 DETAIL  Display Statement 
7 EXTLIST  Display Detailed Performance Trace List 
8 HIER1_SUMTAB  Display Hierarchy when Summarizing Tables Level 1 
9 HIER_SUMTAB  Display Hierarchy when Summarizing Tables 
10 INITST05  Performance Analysis: ST05 Initial Screen 
11 INITST05ERR  Performance Analysis: ST05 Initial Screen 
12 ISELECTS  Output Identical Selects 
13 KEYSHOW  Output Keywords 
14 LEGD  Color Legend for Performance Trace 
15 LEGD_TAB  Color Legend for Performance Trace - Summarize Tables 
16 MARK_BLOCKEND  Select end of block 
17 MARK_BLOCKEND_TABL  Select Block End for Selection of Tables to Aggregate 
18 PROFILE  Display Profile Parameters for the Performance Trace 
19 PROG_LIST  List of Programs, Lines Containing Identical Statements 
20 PROTREC  Display Physical Performance Trace Records 
21 REPLACE  Display Statement with Replace Placeholders 
23 SELFLDS  Set Filter for Displaying Trace Records 
24 SELSAVE  Save a Performance Trace 
25 SHOW_ALL_INDX_FIELDS  DDIC: Display All Primary and Secondary Indexes 
26 SHOW_INDX_FIELDS  DDIC: Display Primary or Secondary Index Fields 
27 SHOW_TABLE  DDIC: Info for Tables 
28 SHOW_VIEW  DDIC: Info for Views 
29 SQLTBASL  Display Performance Trace List 
30 STATEMENT_SUMMARY  Summarize the Trace Records by SQL Statements 
31 STAT_INPUT  SQL Statement Input 
32 TIMLIST  Trace List Sorted by Time 
33 TRACE_FILTER  Set Filter for Writing Trace Records 
34 TRFILTER  Display Performance Trace Filter 
35 TSUM_COMPARE  Comparison of Two Table Summaries 
36 TSUM_SELECTION  Summarize Tables: Function Comparison 
GUI Title
# GUI Title Short Description
1 000  Performance Analysis 
2 000_ERR  Performance Analysis - Error when writing the trace 
3 0011  Set Restrictions for Writing Trace 
4 002  Set Restrictions for Displaying Trace 
5 003  Statement 
6 004  Trace List 
7 0041  Selected Objects from Trace List 
8 005  Detailed Trace List 
9 0051  Selected Objects from Detailed Trace List 
10 006  Physical Trace Record 
11 007  Statement with Replaced Placeholders 
12 008  List Identical Select Statements 
13 009  Trace List Sorted by & 
14 0091  Selected Objects from Trace List - Sorted by & 
15 010  Detailed Trace List - Sorted by & 
16 0101  Detailed Trace List - Selected Objects - Sorted by & 
17 011  Profile Parameters for the Performance Trace 
18 012  Display Filter for Writing Trace Records 
19 BLOCKHEADER  Further Trace Information 
20 CONC_TABLE_SUMMARY  Summarized Table Overview 
21 DDIC_INFO  ABAP Dictionary Information for Object & 
22 DDIC_INFO_ALL_INDX  ABAP Dictionary Information: Overview of All Indexes 
23 DDIC_INFO_INDX  ABAP Dictionary Information: Index Fields 
24 HIER1_SUMTAB  Compress Hierarchy Display Level 1 for Tables 
25 HIER_SUMTAB  Compress Hierarchy Display Level 0 for Tables 
26 INPUT_SQL_STATEMENT  Analysis of an SQL Statement to be Entered (Explain) 
27 KEYVALUE  Key values 
28 LEG  Color Legend for Performance Trace 
29 LEG_TAB  Color Legend for Tables to Be Aggregated 
30 PROG_LIST  Program List of Identical SQL Statements 
31 READ_TRACE  Restrictions for Displaying a Saved Trace 
32 SAVE_TRACE  Restrictions for Saving a Trace 
33 STATEMENT_SUMMARY  Summarized SQL Statements: Sorted by & 
34 TABLE_SUMMARY  Selection for Table Aggregation - Sorted by & 
35 TIMLIST  Trace List: Sorted by Time 
36 TSUM_COMPARE  Table Comparison of Two Table Summaries 
37 TS_SUM_COMP  Select Saved Table Summary for Comparison 
38 UPD_SQL_STATEMENT  Analyze a Logged SQL Statement (Explain) 
Last changed by/on SAP  19960830 
SAP Release Created in