SAP ABAP Data Element WCB_SET_COND_UNIT (Set Condition Unit)
EA-GLTRADE (Software Component) SAP Enterprise Extension Global Trade
   LO-GT-CHB (Application Component) Chargeback
     WCB_CC_UI_DYNPR (Package) Condition Contract User Interface with Screen Technology
Basic Data
Short Description Set Condition Unit  
Data Type
Category of Dictionary Type D   Domain
Type of Object Referenced     No Information
Domain / Name of Reference Type BVALD    
Data Type CHAR   Character String 
Length 1    
Decimal Places 0    
Output Length 1    
Value Table      
Further Characteristics
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Search Help: Parameters    
Parameter ID   
Default Component name    
Change document    
No Input History    
Basic direction is set to LTR    
No BIDI Filtering    
Field Label
  Length  Field Label  
Short 10 Set Cond U 
Medium 20 Set Condition Unit 
Long 40 Set Condition Unit 
Heading 20 Set Condition Unit 



If you set this indicator, then when a new condition is created, the condition is set from the material master data.

If it is a sales condition, then the sales unit is determined with the sales organization and the distribution channel of the condition contract header. If the condition table contains the fields sales organization and the distribution channel, then these are used to determine the sales unit. If no sales unit has been maintained, the base unit of measure is proposed.

For purchasing conditions, the order unit is proposed. If this has not been maintained the base unit of measure is determined.


A prerequisite is that the condition table contains the field Material in the key.


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