SAP ABAP Package UPB (SEM-BPS: Planning Applications)
Basic Data
Package UPB   
Short Description   SEM-BPS: Planning Applications    
Super package UP   SEM-BPS: Planning Applications (Financials) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
UPBX Planning Applications: Generic Data Container  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CCP_CUST SEM Cost Center Planning: Customizing Table  TRANSP   A  
UPB_CMI_100 Capital Market Interpreter: Versions + Data Source  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_100_T Capital Market Interpreter: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_101 CMI: Assignment to Characteristics  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_102 CMI: Key Figures  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_102_T CMI: Key Figures - Texts  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_103 CMI: Versions for Sensitivity Analysis  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_104 CMI: Assignment Function Modules  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_105 CMI: Entry Layouts  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_107 CMI: User-Dependent Default Selections  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_108 CMI: Input Layouts: BPS Functions to Be Called  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_109 CMI: User <-> CMI Version  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_110 Graphic - BLOBs  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_KF CMI: Key Figures  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CMI_KF_T CMI: Key Figures - Texts  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CUBE_REF Planning Applications: Reference to InfoCubes  TRANSP   C  
UPB_CW_ANSWER Cost Center Wizard: Answers  TRANSP   A  
UPB_CW_AREA Cost Center Wizard: Planning Areas  TRANSP   A  
UPB_CW_CCE Cost Center Wizard: Applications  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_CCE_T Cost Center Wizard: Description, Text Table  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_CCSE Cost Center Wizard: Subapplication  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_CCSE_T Cost Center Wizard: Subapplication  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_CS_COM Comments  TRANSP   E  
UPB_CW_CUBE Cost Center Wizard: InfoCubes  TRANSP   A  
UPB_CW_ED Cost Center Wizard: Economic Description (Economic Object)  TRANSP   A  
UPB_CW_EP Cost Center Wizard: Planning Environment  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_EP_T Cost Center Wizard: Planning Environment  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_EP_UI Cost Center Wizard: Interfaces  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_EP_UI_D Cost Center Wizard: Interfaces  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_EP_UI_T Cost Center Wizard: Interfaces  TRANSP   G  
UPB_CW_ES Cost Center Wizard: Economic Specification  TRANSP   A  
UPB_DATA_EX_SYS Planning Applications: Exception Table for Source Clients  TRANSP   S  
UPB_HI_REF Planning Applucations: Reference to Hierarchy  TRANSP   C  
UPB_IA_IMPLIST Planning Applications: Object Lists of Planning Applications  TRANSP   S  
UPB_MD_REF Planning Applications: OLD!!!!!!! Reference to Master Data  TRANSP   C  
UPB_MD_REF_N Planning Applications: Reference to Master Data  TRANSP   C  
UPB_PLNTP_MAINT Balance Sheet Planning: Edit Planning Functions  TRANSP   S  
UPB_RETRACT Structures for Plan Data Retraction  TRANSP   S  
UPB_SY_BPSCONN Level and Area for which Classes Were Generated  TRANSP   C  
UPB_SY_CLINFO Attributes of Generated Class for Connection of Survey  TRANSP   C  
UPB_SY_HIERARCHY Implemented Hierarchies  TRANSP   E  
UPB_SY_HIER_T Text Table for Implemented Hierarchy  TRANSP   E  
UPB_TD_REF Planning Applications: Reference to Transaction Data  TRANSP   C  
UPB_T_MD_ROLE Characteristic Role Assignment Persistence  TRANSP   A  
UPB_YT_CRITERIA Table for Characteristics  TRANSP   L  
UPB_YT_HIERARCHY BW Hierarchies: Header Data  TRANSP   A  
UPB_YT_MASTER Table for Master Data  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
CCPPL CCP: Execute Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
CCPPM CCP: Edit Plannng Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
CCPPMD CCP: Display Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
CCPX CCP: Planning Folders, Direct Start  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
MDHI Master Data and Hierarchy  MDHI_MAINTENANCE  
PARA Print Paremeter Group  RKC_TL_PRINT_PARAM  
UPBA B/S Planning: Set Planning Area  UPB_MAIN_AREA_SET  
UPBFW Framework Settings  UPB_MAIN_AREA_FW  
UPBPL Execute Balance Sheet Plng Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPBPM Edit Balance Sheet Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPBPMD Display Balance Sheet Plng Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPBX Direct Start of B/S planning Folders     
UPB_CALL_LIQUID Liquidity Planning  UPB_CALL_FW  
UPB_CALL_PERSON Personnel Planning  UPB_CALL_FW  
UPB_CCP SEM Cost Center Planning  UPB_CCP_CALL  
UPB_CMI_CUST Capital Market Interpreter: Design  UPB_CMI_CUST_START  
UPB_CW Customizing Wizard, Cost Center Plng  UPB_CW_START  
UPB_PM_SETTINGS Planning Folders: Techn. Settings     
UPB_RES Resource Planning  UPB_RESOURCE  
UPB_RULE Planning: Transfer Rules  SAPLKCD0  
UPB_STRUCT Plng: Maint. of a Sender Structure  UPB_STRUCT_MAINTAIN  
UPB_SY_GEN_CLASS Connection Web Survey -> SEM-BPS  SAPLUPB_SY  
UPIA Set Investment Planning Area  UPB_MAIN_AREA_SET  
UPIFW Framework Settings  UPB_MAIN_AREA_FW  
UPIPL Execute Investment Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPIPM Edit Investment Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPIPMD Display Investment Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPIX Direct Start of Investment Folders     
UPPPL Execute Personnel Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPPPM Edit Personnel Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPPPMD Display Personnel Planning Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
UPPX Direct Start: Personnel Plng Folders  UPB_PM_CUST_START  
Software Component SEM-BW  SEM-BW: Strategic Enterprise Management 
SAP Release Created in   20B   
Application Component FIN-SEM-BPS-BP (SEM0000011) Business Planning 
Package UPB  SEM-BPS: Planning Applications