SAP ABAP Package UMB (SEM-CPM: Balanced Scorecard)
Basic Data
Package UMB   
Short Description   SEM-CPM: Balanced Scorecard    
Super package UM   SEM-CPM: Top Development Classes 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
UMB_BC_OB100 Strategy Elements: Header Table (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_OB101 Strategy Elements: Texts (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_PE100 Perspectives: Header Table (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_PE101 Perspectives: Texts (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM100 Strategy Map  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM100T Strategy Map: Texts  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM101 Strategy Map: Strategy Assignment  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM102 Strategy Map: Objective Assignment  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM103 Strategy Map: Measure Assignment  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_SM104 Strategy Map: Cause-Effect Chain  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_ST100 Strategies: Header Table (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_ST101 Strategies: Texts (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_ST104 Strategy Category (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BC_ST104T Strategy Category: Texts (Business Content)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_BU100 BW Buffer (Cross-Application)  TRANSP   A  
UMB_CI100 General Initiatives: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CI101 General Initiatives: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CM100 Performance Overview: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CM100T Performance Overview: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CM101 Performance Overview: Item  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CM102 Compensation Matrix: Assignment of Person  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CO100 General Objectives: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CO101 General Objectives: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CO102 General Objectives: Measure Label  TRANSP   C  
UMB_CO103 General Objectives: Measure Label Text  TRANSP   C  
UMB_EBB_STRUC Briefing Book Structure  TRANSP   A  
UMB_GS100 Value Fields  TRANSP   C  
UMB_GS101 Value Fields: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_GS105 Status Intervals  TRANSP   G  
UMB_GS105T Status: Texts  TRANSP   G  
UMB_GS106 Trend Indicator Intervals  TRANSP   G  
UMB_GS106T Trend Indicator Intervals: Texts  TRANSP   G  
UMB_HI100 Scorecard Hierarchy: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_HI101 Scorecard Hierarchy: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_HI110 Scorecard Aggregation Hierarchy  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MA_PE101 Miniapp Personalization - Owner Filter  TRANSP   A  
UMB_MA_PE102 Miniapp Personalization - Status Filter  TRANSP   A  
UMB_MC100 Scorecard: Measure Value Fields  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC101 Scorecard: Characteristics for the Value Fields of a Measure  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC102 Scorecard: Graphics  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC103 Scorecard: Assignment of Columns to Graphics  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC104 Scorecard: Graphic - BLOBs (Obsolete from SEM 3.5)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC105 Scorecard: Graphics: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC106 Scorecard: BW Variables for the Value Fields of a Measure  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC107 Scorecard: BW Variables for the Value Fields of a Measure  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC108 Scorecard: Graphic - Setting in XML Format  TRANSP   C  
UMB_MC109 Scorecard: Graphic - Setting in XML Format  TRANSP   C  
UMB_OB100 Objectives: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_OB101 Objectives: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_OFL_STATUS Download Process Status  TRANSP   A  
UMB_PE100 Perspectives: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_PE101 Perspectives : Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_PT100 Personalization Template: Master  TRANSP   C  
UMB_PT101 Personalization Template: Items  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC100 Scorecard: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC101 Scorecard: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC102 Scorecard: Value Definition of the CPM Variable  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC103 Scorecard: Measure Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC104 Scorecard: Strategy Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC105 Scorecard: Objective Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC107 Scorecard: BIC Selections  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC108 Scorecard: Perspectives : BIC Selections  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC109 Scorecard: Perspectives: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC110 Scorecard: Column Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC111 Scorecard: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC112 Scorecard: Perspective Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC113 Scorecard: Perspective Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC120 Scorecard: Strategy Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC121 Scorecard: Strategy: BIC Selection  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC122 Scorecard: Strategies: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC140 Scorecard: Objective Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC142 Scorecard: Cause-Effect Chain  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC143 Cause-Effect Chain: XML Document  TRANSP   E  
UMB_SC144 Scorecard: BLOB for Cause-Effect Chain (OBSOLETE)  TRANSP   E  
UMB_SC150 Scorecard: Objective Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC151 Scorecard: Objective Score, A&C, DBS, Doc Id  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC152 Scorecard: Objective: BIC Selections  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC153 Scorecard: Objective: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC160 Scorecard: Measure Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC161 Scorecard: Measure Score, A&C, DBS, Doc Id  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC162 Objective: Measure Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC163 Scorecard: Assignment of Formula Argument to Value Fields  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC164 Scorecard: Formula to Calculate the Status of a Measure  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC165 Scorecard: Assignment of Formula Value to Measure Status  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC166 Scorecard: Measures: BIC Selections  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC167 Scorecard: Measures: BPS Link  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC168 Scorecard: Measures: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC170 Scorecard: Weights for Status Calculation  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC171 Scorecard: BW Web Report (Obsolete)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC171T Scorecard: BW Web Report (Obsolete)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC172 Scorecard: URL (Obsolete)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC172T Scorecard: URL (Obsolete)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC173 Scorecard: BW Web Report  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC173T Scorecard: BW Web Report  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC174 Scorecard: URL  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC174T Scorecard: URL  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC180 Scorecard: Initiatives  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC181 Scorecard: Texts for Initiatives  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC182 Objectives: Initiative Assignment (Time-Dependent)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC183 Scorecard: Assignment of General Initiatives to Objectives  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC184 Scorecard: Status of a General Initiative  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC185 Scorecard: Initiative Score, A&C, DBS, Doc Id  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC186 Scorecard: Initiative: Team Members  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC187 Scorecard: Initiative: Message for Team Members  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC188 Scorecard: Initiative: Benefits  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC189 Scorecard: Initiative: Benefits Text Table  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC190 Scorecard: Initiatives: BIC Selections  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC191 Scorecard: Initiatives: BPS Links  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC192 Scorecard: Initiatives: Assigned BW Queries  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC193 Scorecard: BW Key Figure Values of an Initiative  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC194 Scorecard: Characteristics for BW Key Figs of an Initiative  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC195 Scorecard: BW Variables for Value Fields of an Initiative  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC196 Scorecard: BW Variables for Value Fields of an Initiative  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC197 Scorecard: Initiative: Milestones  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC198 Scorecard: Initiative: Milestones (Text Table)  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC199 Scorecard: Assignment of Formula Argument to Value Fields  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC201 Scorecard: Perspective Score & A&C BDS Doc ID  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC211 Scorecard: Strategy Score & A&C BDS Doc ID  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC221 Scorecard: Score & A&C BDS Doc ID  TRANSP   A  
UMB_SC300 Owner Variable  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SC301 Selection of Scorecard Elements  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SG100 Scorecard Group  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SG100T Scorecard Group: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_SG101 Scorecard Group: Scorecard Assignment  TRANSP   C  
UMB_ST100 Strategies: Header Table  TRANSP   C  
UMB_ST101 Strategies: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_ST104 Strategy category  TRANSP   C  
UMB_ST104T Strategy Category: Texts  TRANSP   C  
UMB_UP100 Substitute  TRANSP   A  
UMB_UP102 User Settings  TRANSP   A  
UMB_UP110 Personal Views: Master Table  TRANSP   A  
UMB_WEB_APP Table of Web Applications for Launchpad  TRANSP   A  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
UMB_ADMIN Balanced Scorecard Monitor  UMB_BSC_ADMIN  
UMB_ADMIN1 Balanced Scorecard Monitor  UMB_BSC_ADMIN  
UMB_AH Scorecard Aggregation Hierarchy  UMB_BSC_AGGR_HIER  
UMB_BC_OB Objective (Objective Template)  SAPLUMB_OB  
UMB_BC_PE Perspective (Strategy Template)  SAPLUMB_OB  
UMB_BC_ST_NAV Delivered Strategies  UMB_ST_NAV  
UMB_CM Performance Overview  UMB_CM_MAINTAIN  
UMB_CO100 Common Objectives     
UMB_CUST Scorecard Design  UMB_BSC_CUST  
UMB_EBB Briefing Book Designer  UMB_EBB_DESIGN  
UMB_GS100 Value Fields     
UMB_GS105 Status & Score     
UMB_OB Objective  SAPLUMB_OB  
UMB_OFL Balanced Scorecard Download  UMB_OFFLINE_DOWNLOAD  
UMB_PE Perspective  SAPLUMB_OB  
UMB_PRES My Balanced Scorecard  UMB_BSC_PRES  
UMB_PRES1 Balanced Scorecard  UMB_BSC_PRES  
UMB_PRINT Balanced Scorecard Reports  UMB_BSC_PRINT  
UMB_SC Scorecard Design  UMB_BSC_CUST  
UMB_ST104 Strategy Categories     
UMB_ST_NAV Strategies  UMB_ST_NAV  
UMB_ST_VIEW Strategy Template  UMB_ST_VIEW  
UMB_ST_VIEW_CLIENT Strategy Template: Current Client  UMB_ST_VIEW  
UMB_UP100 Substitute     
Software Component SEM-BW  SEM-BW: Strategic Enterprise Management 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component FIN-SEM-CPM-BSC (SEM0000014) Balanced Scorecard 
Package UMB  SEM-CPM: Balanced Scorecard