SAP ABAP Package PCOC (HR Off-Cycle)
Basic Data
Package PCOC   
Short Description   HR Off-Cycle    
Super package HRRXX   HR Structure Package for Reuse Components (SAP_HRRXX) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
T52OCA Off-Cycle Reasons for Absence Types  TRANSP   C  
T52OCAP Payroll in Advance - Default Values for Number of Periods  TRANSP   C  
T52OCB Default Value for Payment Method - Off-Cycle Workbench  TRANSP   C  
T52OCC Categories for Off-Cycle Reasons  TRANSP   S  
T52OCCT Categories for off-cycle reasons - texts  TRANSP   S  
T52OCF Permitted Functions for the Off-Cycle Workbench Per Country  TRANSP   S  
T52OCG Off-Cycle: Indicators for Batch: Payroll, Subsequent Program  TRANSP   L  
T52OCL Off-cycle: Bank Transfer Replaced by Check or Reversed  TRANSP   L  
T52OCP Default Wage Types For Displaying Payroll Results  TRANSP   C  
T52OCP1 Check Management Groupings  TRANSP   C  
T52OCP1T Check Management Groupings - Text  TRANSP   C  
T52OCP2 Check Management Grouping - Assigned Administrators  TRANSP   C  
T52OCP3 Check Management Grouping - Assign Report and Variants  TRANSP   C  
T52OCP4 Check Management Grouping - REGUH Information for R  TRANSP   A  
T52OCR Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs  TRANSP   E  
T52OCRT Reasons for Off-Cycle Payroll Texts  TRANSP   E  
T52OCV Variants for Off-Cycle Payroll Runs  TRANSP   C  
T52OCW Default Wage Types for Bonus Run - Off-Cycle Workbench  TRANSP   C  
T52OCZ Off-Cycle: Payment Methods for Transfer and Check  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
PUOCBA Off-Cycle-Batch: Subsequent Activity  RPUOCB00  
PUOCBP Off-cycle batch: Payroll follow-up  RPUOCP00  
PUOCBR Off-cycle batch: Replacement  RPUOCR00  
PUOCLG OC-Batch: Batch Table List  H99LT52OCG  
PUOCLL OC: List of Replacements/Reversals  H99LT52OCL  
PUOC_07 Off-Cycle Workbench Canada  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_08 Off-Cycle Workbench Great Britain  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_10 Off-Cycle Workbench USA  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_11 Off-Cycle Workbench Ireland  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_13 Off-Cycle Workbench Australia  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_16 Off-Cycle Workbench South Africa  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_17 Off-Cycle Workbench Venezuela  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_27 Perform Ad Hoc Payments  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_29 Off-Cycle Workbench Argentinia  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_32 Off-Cycle Workbench Mexico  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_37 Off-Cycle Workbench Brazil  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_42 Perform Ad Hoc Payments  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
PUOC_99 International Off-Cycle Workbench  SAPLHRPAY99_OC  
S_L6B_69000650 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRRXX  Sub component SAP_HRRXX of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PY-XX-OC (AHR0000904) Off-Cycle 
Package PCOC  HR Off-Cycle