SAP ABAP Package P08P_HER (HR Public Sector Great Britain (Higher Education))
Basic Data
Package P08P_HER   
Short Description   HR Public Sector Great Britain (Higher Education)    
Super package HRCGB   HR Structure Package for United Kingdom (SAP_HRCGB) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
PA0614 HR Master Record: Infotype 0614  TRANSP   A  
PA0615 HR Master Record: Infotype 0615  TRANSP   A  
PA0616 HR Master Record: Infotype 0616  TRANSP   A  
PA0617 HR Master Record: Infotype 0617  TRANSP   A  
PA0618 HR Master Record: Infotype 0618  TRANSP   A  
PA0624 HR Master Record: Infotype 0624  TRANSP   A  
PAPBSGB_HESA_C HESA Archive table for NISR Contract table  TRANSP   A  
PAPBSGB_HESA_GR HESA Archive table for NISR Grade table  TRANSP   A  
PAPBSGB_HESA_P HESA: Archive table for NISR Person table  TRANSP   A  
T5GPBSC_BAS Hospital  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_BAST Hospital text  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_CGR Honorary NHS Status  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_CTY HESA: Contract types  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_HON Honorary NHS Status  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_HONT Honorary NHS Status text  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_NHS HESA: Assignment of NHS Contract Grade to Honorary Status  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_RBD HESA: Regulatory body (clinical)  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_REG Registration type  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_REGT Registration type text  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_RTB HESA: Assignment of Regulatory body to Registration type  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_SPE Clinical Specialty  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_SPET Clinical Specialty text  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_TRU Health Trust  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSC_TRUT Health Trust text  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH13 HESA: Occupational categories for HE jobs  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_CCT2 HESA: Cost centre (HEFCE)  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_CCT3 HESA: Cost centre (HEFCE)  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_CHA Mapping of Challenge group to disability  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_COD not used  TRANSP   A  
T5GPBSH_CODT not used  TRANSP   A  
T5GPBSH_CTY HESA: Contract types  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_CTYT HESA: Contract types (text)  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_DES HESA: Destination on leaving - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_DES2 HESA: Destination on leaving  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_DEST HESA: Destination on leaving (text) - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_DIS Academic disciplines  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_DIS2 Academic disciplines  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_DIST Academic disciplines text table  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_ETH HESA: Mapping of ethnicitiy code  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_ETH2 HESA: Mapping of ethnicitiy code  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_GRA HESA: Grade structure  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_GRAT HESA: Grade structure (text)  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_OCC HESA: Occupational categories  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_OCCT HESA: Occupational categories (text)  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_PRV HESA: Employment in previous year - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_PRV2 HESA: Previous Employment  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_PRVT HESA: Employment in previous year (text) - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_PSB HESA: Principal source of basic salary  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_PSBT HESA: Principal source of basic salary (text) - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_QUD2 HESA: Highest academic qualification held  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_RAE HESA: Acitve in 1996 Research Assessment Exercise  TRANSP   S  
T5GPBSH_RAE2 HESA: Active in 2001 and 2008 Research Assessment Exercise  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_RAET HESA: Acitve in 1996 Research Assessment Exercise  TRANSP   S  
T5GPBSH_SSB HESA: Secondary source of basic salary  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSH_SSBT HESA: Secondary source of basic salary (text) - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSH_UOA HESA: Unit of Assessment  TRANSP   E  
T5GPBSQ_ACQ Academic qualification - obsolete  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSQ_ACQ2 Academic qualification  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSQ_ACQT Academic qualification text table  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSQ_PRO Professional Body  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBSQ_STA Membership Status  TRANSP   C  
T5GPBS_ALL ALL Constants & Texts (as required)  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
HRGPBSSNORP08_HESA Number range maintenace P08_HESA     
HRGPBS_HESA_NISR_C01 HESA NISR new records conversion  RPUHESA03  
HRGPBS_SNRO Number Range Maintenance     
HRGPBS_SNRO_HESA Number Range for HESA Staff ID     
HRGPBS_TEMSE_TO_PC Public Sector GB (TemSe to PC)  RPUHERG0  
OO_GB_HESA_01 HR: Set up GB HESA Institution Code  RHCUST01  
PC00_M08_USS_CONTRIB USS Contributions  RPUUSSG0  
PC00_M08_USS_SALARY USS Salary Changes  RPUUSSG1  
S_AL0_96000289 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000196 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000197 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000198 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000199 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000200 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000201 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000202 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000203 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000204 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000205 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000206 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000207 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000208 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000209 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000210 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000211 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000212 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000213 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000214 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000215 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000216 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000217 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000218 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000219 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000221 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000226 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000227 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000228 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000229 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000230 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000231 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000232 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000233 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000234 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000235 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000236 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000237 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000238 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000248 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000250 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000273 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000274 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000275 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000276 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000277 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000278 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000279 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000280 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000281 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000297 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000298 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_KI4_55000312 Download Data Medium to Disk     
S_KI4_55000313 HESA Reporting (Interface to ALV)     
S_KI4_55000314 USS Contributions (Interface to ALV)     
S_KI4_55000315 USS Salary Changes (Interface to ALV     
S_KI4_55000319 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000380 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000747 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000748 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000749 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000750 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L6B_69000751 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PI6_40000223 Check occupational categories  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PI6_40000224 Map Job Keys to Occup. Categories  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRCGB  Sub component SAP_HRCGB of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component PY-GB-PS (I511000011) Öffentlicher Dienst 
Package P08P_HER  HR Public Sector Great Britain (Higher Education)