SAP ABAP Package P05T (HR Payroll: The Netherlands)
Basic Data
Package P05T   
Short Description   HR Payroll: The Netherlands    
Super package HRCNL   HR Structure Package for Netherlands (SAP_HRCNL) 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20041102  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
P05TPRNL_C_NUMIR Pension Return: current IR number  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_C_SEQNO Pension Return: Current sequence number per period  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_ADM Pension Return: Admin Income Relationship - Pers Level  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_ADMS Pension Return: Admin of Status Income Relationship - Pers L  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_IRI Pension Return: Income Relationship Indicators  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_IRP Pension Return: Income Relationship # Income Period - Pers L  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_PD Pension Return: Personal Data - Pers Level  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_PR Pension Return: Income Relationship Pens/Ins Relationship PL  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_PRP Pension Return: Income Rel # Pens/Ins Relation Period - PL  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_PRPI Pension Return: Income Rel - Pens/Ins Rel Period Indic PL  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_EE_RG Pension Return: Income Relationship - Sector Risk Group  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_LP_ADM Pension Return: Administration - Legal Pers Level  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_LP_ADMS Pension Return: Administration of Status - Legal Pers Level  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_LP_COLL Pension Return: Collective Return - Legal Pers Level  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_M_NUMIR Pension Return: Highest Assigned IR Number so far  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_PR_OUT Pension Return: PR - Output Data  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_PR_RSP Pension Return: PR - Output Data - Response Data  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_PR_RSPM Pension Return: PR - Output Data - Response Data - Messages  TRANSP   A  
P05TPRNL_SYCHIR Pension Return: System Change - IR Number per PERNR  TRANSP   L  
P05T_AE_AANGIFTE Wage Return: Administrative Unit - Collective Return  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_AANG_CUM Wage Return: Cumulated Values Collective  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_ADM Wage Return: Administrative Unit - Admin. Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_ADM_STAT Wage Return: Administrative Unit - Status Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_CORSALDO Wage Return: Administrative Unit - Balance Adjustments  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_WGF Wage Return: Administrative Unit - Redundancy Pay Scheme  TRANSP   A  
P05T_AE_WGF_CUM Wage Return: Administrative Unit: Sect/Risk Group Cumulated  TRANSP   A  
P05T_A_EXT Wage Return: Collective Employer Data - Wage Return  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CORR_REL Wage Return: Indicators Relevant for Corrections  TRANSP   S  
P05T_CR_CUST Wage Return: Indicators Relevant for Corrections (Customer)  TRANSP   C  
P05T_CR_TABS Wage Return: Tables with Correction Relevant Fields  TRANSP   S  
P05T_CUM_KENT Wage Return: Indicator Cumulation Wage Types  TRANSP   E  
P05T_CURR_NUMIV Wage Return: current IR number  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CURR_VNR_JR Wage Return: Current sequence number per year  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CURR_VOLGNR Wage Return: Current Sequence Number  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CVZ_HEADER HCIB transfer file headerlines  TRANSP   S  
P05T_CVZ_REG HCIB: Registration table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CVZ_REG_DAT (De)registration data for HCIB  TRANSP   A  
P05T_CVZ_UITW HCIB: Transfer file table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_EDM_PERSOON Personal data for Day-one-announcement (EDM)  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_AANGIFTE Wage Return: Income Relationship - Nominative Return  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_AANG_CUM Wage Return: Cumulated Values per Income Relationship  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_AA_BSN Wage Return: Cumulated Values for BSN Changers  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_ADM Wage Return: Income Relationship - Admin. Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_ADM_STAT Wage Return: Income Relationship - Status Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_DA Wage Return: Income Relationship - Return Data  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_DA_BSN Wage Return: Other Cumulated Return Data  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_DA_CUM Wage Return: Other Cumulated Return Data  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_INKPER Loonaangifte: Inkomstenverhouding - Inkomstenperiode  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_INKPERSA Wage Return: Income Relationship - Income Period SI  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_PERSOON Wage Return: Income Relationship - Personal Data  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_RG Wage Return: Income Relationship - Risk Group Sector  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_RG_CUM Wage Return: Income Relationship: Sect./Riskgrp. cumulated  TRANSP   A  
P05T_IV_SA Wage Return: Income Relationship - Special Indicators  TRANSP   E  
P05T_JLO_DATA Data for Annual Wage Return  TRANSP   A  
P05T_JLO_FIELDS Use of table fields for Annual Wage Return  TRANSP   S  
P05T_JLO_HEADER Data and heading for Annual Wage Return CSV transfer file  TRANSP   S  
P05T_JLO_STAT Annual Wage Return status  TRANSP   A  
P05T_JWN_INDIC Annual Employee's Statement: Indicators to be displayed  TRANSP   S  
P05T_KENTEKEN Wage Return: Indicator  TRANSP   E  
P05T_KENT_CUST Wage Return: Customizing Indicators for Customers  TRANSP   C  
P05T_KENT_TXT Wage Return: Indicator Text Table  TRANSP   E  
P05T_LL_SPLIT Aangifte LH: Splitting of life-course saving scheme payments  TRANSP   S  
P05T_MAX_NUMIV Wage Return: highest assigned IR number so far  TRANSP   A  
P05T_MFTP Nominative Contribution May Be Incorrect  TRANSP   A  
P05T_NOM_ERROR Errors in Nominative Wage Returns  TRANSP   A  
P05T_NO_XML_TAG Wage Return: Text Table Feature without XML Tags  TRANSP   E  
P05T_RESP2LA Wage Return: Rel. between Response Message and Wage Return  TRANSP   A  
P05T_RESPONSE Wage Return: Table for Response Messages  TRANSP   A  
P05T_RESP_LINE Wage Return: Table for Response Message Errors  TRANSP   A  
P05T_RESP_LINE_A Wage Return: Table for Resp. Message Errors (Add. Fields)  TRANSP   A  
P05T_SOM_KENT Wage Return: Indicators  TRANSP   E  
P05T_TIMEFRAME Timeframe About Which a Response Message Contains Data  TRANSP   A  
P05T_T_WCR_CODE Codes for the Work Cost Regulation  TRANSP   C  
P05T_T_WCR_CODET WCR Code Description  TRANSP   C  
P05T_UITS_KENT Indicator Exclusion  TRANSP   C  
P05T_WCR_CWT WCR Code for wage type  TRANSP   C  
P05T_WCR_EE_DATA WCR Data on Employee Level  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_ER_DATA WCR Data on Employer Level  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_ER_INFO WCR Info on Employer Level  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_FL WCR: Final Levy and Final Settlement  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_PROT WCR Protocol Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_STAT WCR Status Table  TRANSP   A  
P05T_WCR_SYSID Work Cost Regulation: System ID  TRANSP   E  
P05T_WCR_SYSID_T Work Cost Regulation: System ID Descriptions  TRANSP   E  
P05T_XML_KENT Wage Return: XML Tags Mapping Indicator  TRANSP   S  
P05T_XML_VERSION Wage Return: Versions  TRANSP   S  
T5N1U Check Table for Employer  TRANSP   C  
T5N76 Municipal Personal Records Database [GBA] Code Countries  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_ADDLPD Pension Return: Additional Legal Person Data  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_BEGREL Pension Return: Determination of Pension Rel. Start Date  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_EMK Pension Return AGP: External Marital Status Key  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_EMKT Pension Return AGP: External Marital Status Key  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_FILL Pension Return: Fill Table APG  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_IN Pension Return: Indicator  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_IN_CPR Pension Return: Assignment of Ind. to CumWTs Prod. Related  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_IN_CUM Pension Return: Assignment of Cumulative Wage Types  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_IN_SUM Pension Return: Sum up indicators  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_IN_TXT Pension Return: Indicator Text Table  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_MST Pension Return AGP: Conversion of Marital Status Key  TRANSP   E  
T77PRNL_SEL Pension Return: Product Selection Table  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_SELWT Pension Return: Selection Table APG for Wage Types  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_SYCHNG Pension Return: System Change  TRANSP   C  
T77PRNL_XML_IN Pension Return: XML Tags Mapping Indicator  TRANSP   S  
T77PRNL_XML_V Pension Return: XML Versions  TRANSP   S  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
PC00_M05_B2ACHECK Check B2A Settings  H99_B2ACHECK  
PC00_M05_CEDK Process response message  RPCEDKN0  
PC00_M05_CEDM Create Day-one-announcement  RPCEDMN0  
PC00_M05_CEDZ B2A Manager  RPCEDZN0  
PC00_M05_CLAA Close Wage Return  RPCLAAN0  
PC00_M05_CLAD1 Wage Return: Data Download (TemSe)  RPCLADN1  
PC00_M05_CLAE Create Data Terminated Legal Pers.  RPCLAEN0  
PC00_M05_CLAF Classify Wage Return Errors  RPCLAFN0  
PC00_M05_CLAJ Annual wage return  RPCLAJN0  
PC00_M05_CLAK Process Response Messages  RPCLAKN0  
PC00_M05_CLAL Display Wage Return Data  RPCLALN0  
PC00_M05_CLAL1 Wage Return: Display Data  RPCLALN1  
PC00_M05_CLAO Set Wage Return Status to Sent  RPCLAON0  
PC00_M05_CLAR Display Response Messages  RPCLARN0  
PC00_M05_CLAS Create Wage Return File  RPCLASN0  
PC00_M05_CLAT Crisis Tax Calculation  RPCLATN0  
PC00_M05_CLAV Collect Wage Return Data  RPCLAVN0  
PC00_M05_CLAZ B2A Manager  RPCLAZN0  
PC00_M05_CVZA Create registrations/deregistrations  RPCVZAN0  
PC00_M05_CVZD Download transfer file  RPCVZDN0  
PC00_M05_CVZP Select persons for registration  RPCVZPN0  
PC00_M05_CVZU Upload transfer file  RPCVZUN0  
PC00_M05_CVZZ B2A Manager  RPCVZZN0  
PC00_M05_CWCE Extract WCR Data  RPCWCEN0  
PC00_M05_CWCO WCR Overview  RPLWCON0  
PC00_M05_CWCR WCR Administration tool  RPCWCRN0  
PC00_M05_LLAE Overview of collective returns  RPLLAEN0  
PC00_M05_UCVZ Entry of De-/Registr. or Updates  RPUCVZN0  
PC00_M05_UEDM Enter day-one-announcement manually  RPUEDMN0  
PC00_M05_UITW Manual Entry of Transfer File  RPUITWN0  
PC00_M05_ULAC Check Customizing  RPULACN0  
PC00_M05_ULAE Check Master Data  RPULAEN0  
PC00_M05_UTAE_DIS Display Collective ER Data  RPUTAEN0_DISPLAY  
PC00_M05_UTAE_UPD Change Collective ER Data  RPUTAEN0_UPDATE  
PC00_M05_UWCR WCR Collective Confirmation  RPUWCRN0  
S_L7D_24000360 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24000362 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24000517 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_L7D_24000985 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PCO_36000199 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component SAP_HRCNL  Sub component SAP_HRCNL of SAP_HR 
SAP Release Created in   600   
Application Component PY-NL-RP (HLA0009656) Reporting 
Package P05T  HR Payroll: The Netherlands