SAP ABAP Package FKBK (Bank Customer Accounts: Current Accounts)
Basic Data
Package FKBK   
Short Description   Bank Customer Accounts: Current Accounts    
Super package FS_BCA   Bank Customer Accounts 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 00000000  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
BKK40 Current Account Master Data: General  TRANSP   A  
BKK40_ENQ_HY Dummy Block Table for Accounts for Hierarchy Creation  TRANSP   L  
BKK42 Current Account Master Data: Operative Data  TRANSP   A  
BKK42ENQ Current Account: Block Fields  TRANSP   L  
BKK42_CC BCA Account Master Data: Currency Changeover  TRANSP   A  
BKK43 BCA: Reference Accounts  TRANSP   A  
BKK44 Current Account Master Data: Blocks  TRANSP   A  
BKK45 Relationship: Current Account - Business Partner  TRANSP   A  
BKK45_HISTORY History Table for BCA - BP relationship  TRANSP   A  
BKK46 Current Account Master Data: Customer Appends  TRANSP   A  
BKK47 BCA: Direct Debit Orders  TRANSP   A  
BKK48 Control Indicator for Account Balancing  TRANSP   A  
BKK50 Account balance  TRANSP   A  
BKK51 Subj.Fin.Pay. Balance  TRANSP   A  
BKK54 Account Balance of Hierarchies  TRANSP   A  
BKK55 Subject to Final Payment Balance of Hierarchies  TRANSP   A  
BKK56 Account Resubmission  TRANSP   A  
BKKOVR_ACCNT Item Table: Accounts with Tolerated Overdraft  TRANSP   A  
BKKOVR_HD Header Table Administration Accts with Tolerated Overdraft  TRANSP   A  
BKK_4EYES_CLOS Account Closure Principle of Dual Control  TRANSP   C  
BKK_ACCL_DC_REAS Account Closure: Rejection Reasons for Release  TRANSP   C  
BKK_ACCL_DC_REAT Account Closure: Texts on Rejection Reasons  TRANSP   C  
BKK_MIN_DEP Minimum Deposit for Each Product  TRANSP   C  
TBKK43 Reference Account Category  TRANSP   E  
TBKK43T Texts for Reference Account Category  TRANSP   E  
TBKK47 Account Status Enhancement  TRANSP   E  
TBKK47T Texts for Account Status Enhancements  TRANSP   E  
TBKK51 Reasons for Account Resubmission  TRANSP   C  
TBKK51T Texts on Account Resubmission Reasons  TRANSP   C  
TBKK_AKT BDT Field Modification According to Account Status  TRANSP   C  
TBKK_AKT1 BDT Field Modification According to Accouunt Status Part 1  TRANSP   C  
TBKK_AKT2 BDT Field Modification According to Account Status Part 2  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
F970 Account Balances  RFBKBAL1  
F970_VAL Balance List on Key Date  RFBKBAL1_VAL  
F971 Account Locks  RFBKLOC1  
F972 Overdraft List  RFBKOVR1  
F97C Internal Reference Accts  RFBKCON6  
F97CURR Acct List for Currency Changeover  RFBKCCINF01  
F97CX External Reference Accts  RFBKCON6X  
F9A5 Number Range Maintenance: BCA_ACC_EX     
F9C0 Current Account Groupings     
F9C4 Authorization types  BUSVIEWS  
F9C6 BCA: Field Modification Account Type  BUSVIEWS  
F9C7 BCA: Field Modification Activity  BUSVIEWS  
F9CA Account Status Enhancements     
F9CC1 Authorizations for Field Groups  BUSVIEWS  
F9CC2 Screen Configuration  BUSVIEWS  
F9D1 Messages     
F9DDCC Currency Conversion Dir. Debit Order  RFBKDIRDEBCHCURR  
F9FOLLOWUP Account Resubmission  RFBKFOLLOWUP  
F9HIST_KOND_INDIV History of Individual Conditions  RFBKHISTORY_INDIV  
F9HIST_KOND_STAND History of Standard Conditions  RFBKHISTORY_STAND  
F9HIST_KOND_ZUORD History of Condition Assignment  RFBKHISTORY_ZUORD  
F9K1 Create Account  BUSSTART  
F9K2 Change account  BUSSTART  
F9K3 Display Account  BUSSTART  
F9KAC Release Account Closure  RFBK_ACCNT_CLOSE_RELEASE  
F9KD Account Closure  RFBKACCL  
F9KE Application Log Account Closure  RFBKACLG  
F9KG Release Limits  RFBKLIRL  
F9KGDEL Delete Limits  RFBKLIRL  
F9KGDISP Limit Overview  RFBKLIRL  
F9KH Release Currency Changeovers  RFBKRELCHCUR  
F9KHDEL Delete Currency Changeovers  RFBKRELCHCUR  
F9KMOC Change business partner  RFBKMAINOFFICCHANG  
F9KOVRDISP Tolerated Overdraft: Display  RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST  
F9KOVRN Tolerated Overdraft: Notification  RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST  
F9KOVRN_DUPL Tol.Ovrdft: Duplicate Notification  RFBKOVR_CNTRL_LIST  
F9KOVRR Tolerated Overdraft: New Run  RFBKOVR_CNTRL  
F9M4 Settings Payment Transactions  MENUF9M4  
F9M5 Condition Settings  MENUF9M5  
F9S1 CA Control: Applications  BUSVIEWS  
F9S18 CA Control: Activities  BUSVIEWS  
F9S19 CA Control: Field Mod. per Activity  BUSVIEWS  
F9S2 CA Control: Field Groups  BUSVIEWS  
F9S3 CA Control: Views  BUSVIEWS  
F9S4 CA Control: Sections  BUSVIEWS  
F9S5 CA Control: Screens  BUSVIEWS  
F9S6 CA Control: Screen Sequences  BUSVIEWS  
F9S7 CA Control: Events  BUSVIEWS  
F9S8 CA Control: CUA Standard Functions  BUSVIEWS  
F9S9 CA Control: CUA Additional Functions  BUSVIEWS  
F9SA CA Control: Matchcode  BUSVIEWS  
F9SB CA Control: Assign. Scr.Field->DBFld  BUSVIEWS  
F9SC CA Control: Field Modific. Criteria  BUSVIEWS  
F9SD CA Control: Products  BUSVIEWS  
F9SE CA Control: Product Group  BUSVIEWS  
F9SF CA Control: Application Transactions  BUSVIEWS  
F9SH CA Control: Tables  BUSVIEWS  
F9SIMMINDEP Min. Deposit Maint.: Term-Independt     
F9SX BCA Control: External Applications  BUSVIEWS  
F9TRMMINDEP Min. Deposit Maint.: Term-Dependent     
S_ALN_01000862 Account closure: Release     
S_ALN_01000914 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_ALN_01001010 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_ALN_01001011 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_ALN_01001135 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PLN_16000056 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
S_PLN_16000097 (empty)  SAPLS_CUS_IMG_ACTIVITY  
Software Component EA-FINSERV  SAP Enterprise Extension Financial Services 
SAP Release Created in      
Application Component IS-B-BCA-MD (I310005605) Master Data 
Package FKBK  Bank Customer Accounts: Current Accounts