SAP ABAP Package AXT_RA (Rapid Apps)
Basic Data
Package AXT_RA   
Short Description   Rapid Apps    
Super package AXT_STRUCTURE   Structure package for extensibility 
Main package indicator       Development Package 
Created on/by 20090428  SAP 
Package Content
Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
AXT_EMBEDDABLE Repository of embeddable views  TRANSP   E  
AXT_EMBEDDABLE_T Texttable for repository of embeddable views  TRANSP   E  
AXT_EMBEDDED Repository of embedded views for global rollouts  TRANSP   S  
AXT_EMBEDDED_C Client specific customizing of embedded views  TRANSP   C  
AXT_EMBEDDED_C_T Texttable for client specific embeded view repository  TRANSP   C  
AXT_EMBEDDED_T Texttable for embeded view repository  TRANSP   S  
AXT_EMB_MAP AMapping of Rapid Application to Tagtable Attr.  TRANSP   S  
AXT_EMB_MAP_C AMapping of Rapid Application to Tagtable Attr.  TRANSP   C  
AXT_RUN_KEY_MAP Table Key Mapping Table (for parent - child relations)  TRANSP   E  
AXT_RUN_QUERYMAP Query Structure Field Mapping  TRANSP   E  
AXT_RUN_RAP_APP Rapid application  TRANSP   E  
RAXT_GIL_METH Object Method GenIL Table  TRANSP   S  
RAXT_GIL_MODEL Rapid Application GenIL Model Table  TRANSP   S  
RAXT_GIL_OBJ Rapid AXT GenIL Object Tool  TRANSP   S  
Software Component WEBCUIF  SAP Web UI Framework 
SAP Release Created in   701   
Application Component CA-WUI-RA (A0F0000001) Rapid Applications 
Package AXT_RA  Rapid Apps