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SAP ABAP Package SCOV_MAIN (Main Package I)

Basic Data

  Main Package I    
SCOV   ABAP Coverage Analyzer 
      Development Package 
20070816  SAP 

Package Content

Contained Tables / Views
Table Name Short Description Table Category Delivery Class
COVDATCOL Last Data Collection: Control Table  TRANSP   L  
COVDATVOL Coverage Analyzer: Data Volume Monitor  TRANSP   L  
COVDETVAR Coverage Analyzer: Detail Variants  TRANSP   L  
COVLOG Coverage Analyzer Log Entry  TRANSP   L  
COVMOD Status of Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   L  
COVMODSET Repository for Customer/SAP View Information  TRANSP   L  
COVMVDAT Table for Storing Coverage Results from Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   L  
COVMVHID Table for Storing History Versions  TRANSP   L  
COVMVHIS Table for Storing the History from Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   L  
COVMVSET Table for Storing Settings for Global View  TRANSP   L  
COVMVTIM Table for Storing Time Snapshots  TRANSP   L  
COVREF Coverage Reference Table: All Processing Blocks  TRANSP   L  
COVREG Coverage Analyzer: Registration of Test Key  TRANSP   S  
COVRES Table of Coverage Results  TRANSP   S  
COVRES0 Temporary Storage for Coverage Results  TRANSP   L  
COVRES0_SYNC Synchronization Records for Merging of COVRES0 to COVRES  TRANSP   L  
COVRFCERR Number of RFC Errors While Accessing Server  TRANSP   L  
COVSETTING General Settings for Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   L  
COVTKEY Coverage Analyzer: Test Key  TRANSP   S  
COVTKEYDEL Coverage Analyzer: Recreate Locked Test Groups  TRANSP   L  
COV_SHM_FLUSH Shared Memory Flush: Coverage Logs by Server  TRANSP   L  
SCOVSRVERR SCOV: Server for which init. of registration failed  TRANSP   L  
VIM_COV Standard Reference of View Maintenance for Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   C  
VIM_COVT Text Tab: Standard Ref. of View Maint. for Coverage Analyzer  TRANSP   C  
Contained Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Short Description Program
SCOV ABAP Coverage Analyzer     


SAP_BASIS  SAP Basis Component 
BC-DWB-TOO-COV (BYI3000868) Coverage Analyzer 
SCOV_MAIN  Main Package I